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Confused about glitch or cheater?


So once in a while I’ll be doing a battle and win, but then it says I didn’t win!?!? Is there some way that people are able to glitch the system or something? During this last game, I had literally just defeated the third Dino but he had only killed one of mine


Additional info…

After collecting some dna, this popped up which I assume is from that prior battle. So it was some sort of weird glitch???


Its not a glitch its a cheat app used just like unlimited battery for darting and location. But according to ludia they cant so nothing about it.


It happens when you lose connection. Sometimes you lost it and don’t even know. It happens to me sometimes too


Hey Jdragon503, as @JHVS had mentioned, this can happen when you lose connection to the game which might have caused the results from a previous match to show up instead. However, force closing and relaunching the game immediately should allow the correct results to pop up again. If you’re still having issues, there are some troubleshooting here that might help as well: Lost a battle I was winning.

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