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Confused about stat boosts


When I hold down the health stat it says next level up is 3800 but when I open the stat to boost it it says level up is only 3700. It’s the same for the attack boost. Am I missing something.


Where did u find this?
For me there’s still maintenance

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Using iPhone. Apparently android updates haven’t gone out yet. Hopefully android user will have better luck with the update. This update is really bad. The worst they’ve had so far.

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Thats strange cause a level 24 thor has 3810 hps… so thats close to where it says next level up


I think I got it now. I was looking at it wrong. Never mind. It’s just showing the hp at level 24. :man_facepalming:t4:


Anyone else see that armor and crit chance there? I don’t really want to see boosts for those. Boost thor up to 100% crit with 50% armor… I’m sure they will have a cap, but still.

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I don’t think you can boost armor and crit. That’s just where they put the stats now.


Yet! Just saying it looks like they may include those stats.


I think they are just up there so you can more easily see all of its stats.


Yeah I realized that after a comment about its hp at level 24.


In fact a data mined Metahub article says they found stat boost for crit chance and armor.

But it could be something they tested before and think not suitable to launch. Hope that’s the case.

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Are these stats permenant when applied to the dinos? Or does it have to be reapplied daily?