Confused :D

This team is twice as good as mine. And trophies are under 4000… I’ve been around 4000 for ages and only recently gained 4 new legendaries but can’t move forward in the trophy count. How?!

Player is either on a losing streak, tanking their rating for easier wins (I hate when they do this for the record) or just isn’t that good.

It’s really not that strange since his level is very high, level 15. In fact, during the last tournament I was at level 15, between 4100 and 4200 and had a much better team than that, with 6 or 7 legendary and Stegodeus in level 23.

Look at it for the positive side, if you only have 4 legendaries and you are in level 4,000, you are very good at playing, congratulations!

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and another

And this is my team. Any recommendations for swaps?

I would fit Stegocera in somehow! Its great!

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You have a well compensated team and, as you level up your chosen 8, you will go up a lot. As I told you before, if you are at 4000 this level, you play really well. The only thing I would consider is to include the stegoceratops but I am not sure why to change it because I doubt if a rajakilosauro (one of my favorite creatures) of 16 is better or not than a Stegoceratps of 20. Another option would be to change it for the suchotator (never I used) but people say that this creature works very well and gives you variety.

Ye I like my stego but my suchotator destroys so many different opponents. Possible to change him for Raja while he’s only 16. Although I like to use the sneaky swap attack and finish off when an enemy is near death

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There is also the possibility that it is a player who has spent a shedload of money on incubators, coins and bucks to get what they want and are only now working their way up the Arena.