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Confused with trophies

I’ve been saving up my coins and excited to power up some of my guys this week. I was around 4100 trophies at the beginning of the week with all of my guys at level 21 and I had been lingering over 4000 trophies for a while. Throughout the week I powered up 4 guys to level 23 and 4 to level 22. I’ve battled a lot and now I’m at 3900 trophies. Can someone explain to me how I dropped about 200 trophies after powering up my guys?

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Oh sure it’s called stat boost. Incase you didn’t know it ruined the game. Your level 21 Dino’s were better off staying at 21 and using stat boost and saving all your coins. Why do I say this? Because my non stat boosted level 26 Dino’s get beat by the same creature level 21 stat boosted. I went from almost 5k trophies before 1.7 update to now barely hanging on to 3900 trophies. Yay stat boost.

My work here is done


Lol that’s great. I’ve been saying that in 1.7 if your pockets run deep your trophies are steep.