Why does it seem that in a battle the other person gets either to always go first or hits twice, example I get hit, I die, pick a new Dino and they get to hit me again, shouldn’t it be back and forth equally? Maybe I am missing something or idk


Who goes first is based on the speed stat for each dinosaur. Let’s say he has a dinosaur with a speed of 126. He attacks first and kills your dinosaur with a speed of 107. You then put out a dinosaur with a speed of 120. His speed is higher but still lower than the opponents. So now each person picks an attack and again his dinosaur goes first since it is the faster dinosaur.


Thanks for replying so fast and for that information I was getting pissed off for a while there but I guess I don’t have the right to LOL thanks again


Your perfectly welcome. If you like is an excellent resource. There are articles detailing where dinosaurs spawn, what dinosaurs do best in the arena, entire guides for different parts of the arena or just the arena in general and news and information about everything you could probably think of including how experience works in the game.