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Confusing Announcement - "Bye for Now?"

I’m pretty sure this is meant to say that Allo2 and Nasuto will be out for another couple of days (because of the timer in the corner). But opening up the game and seeing this definitely made it seem like they are gone already. Just might want to think about that with future messaging. Could help clear up confusion and anger before it even starts.


Says it ends in 2 days


They are around for Labor Day Weekend. If there was no countdown timer, then it would be :angry:

Why put “bye for now” when it’s still around for another 3 days? Who makes these advertisements???


Exactly, it should say “ending soon” or something.


It scared me for a bit too, as I was missing just 5 Nasuto DNA. Then it popped up from a rare scent at the park and I finally added it to my dex.

They said bye because when they come to work on Monday morn they will be gone. They don’t work 24/7. Also why they put a counter.

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Should’ve said “ending soon” opposed to “bye for now”

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They probably assumed that people would understand that when they said they are available in the wild this weekend they meant this weekend, not just one or two days and that people would see the counter in the announcement.

I did get a bit confused also but just assumed the counter was the real goodbye. And I can confirm they’re still out today.

Um not sure