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Confusing or Ironic Patch Notice?

The contents of Raid incubators now depends on the player’s level to allow lower level players to start participating in raids.

So little players get less DNA in raids after the patch … but what the hell should help smaller players take part in raids as stated in this patch notice …

Did I misunderstand something or does it actually say “thank you little players that you try to do raids now you get even fewer rewards”

Poor lower level players. Now they need to wait an extra 2 weeks to dominate Nublar Jungle with their Mortems.


Exactly my thought…
Am i the only one who wonder why did they wait 6 Month before doing that?


I already thought of the underlying thoughts …

But it doesn’t change the fact that little players are now being punished for not being that high in the lvl … and the statement in the patch notice says that ludia wants to enable the little players to take part in the raids, but what that means they get less has nothing to do …

And if I’m honest, I think it’s okay if players have fought for a dino (e.g. mrex takes 3 months) they also use it in their arena. so why should one punish little players for diligence? I can at least not imagine that you don’t use your best dinosaurs just because the opponent is not yet ready for this to happen, for example, my mrex lvl27 far too often lvl28 and 29ger mrexe

Because if you’re fighting level 15-20s, you should not have access to apexes. Getting carried doesn’t make someone in lower arenas deserving of a free top tier dino at level 26.


I don’t get it. What’s the change? Low level players always received less. For example 12 Morty instead of 15. Or 19 instead of 25. Has been like this from the beginning of raids.


you’re right with that. but then ludia could have just blocked the apexes, for example for everyone below lvl 20, but they didn’t.

instead you get less dna and ludia says you do it so that small players have a chance in the raid … only about this contradicting statement in the patch notice I am concerned

good question, I suppose before that players from lvl15 got the same reward, for example 20 and not 19 now it will probably be like that even one lvl19er gets less but who knows … we will probably only see when the patch is there

No they never did, at least I have never ever received full rewards on my L15 account and I have 2 accounts L20 to compare with. Mortem gave 12 or 13 instead of 15, epic for example 70 instead of 75.
Has always been that way so I don’t see what the change is. Perhaps Ludia just brings it as a novelty to soothe the complaints about Apex dino’s in lower arena’s.

Could always level cap arenas so people with apex creatures could field them without the massive level advantage. I agree the grind for apex dna is awful, and I would prefer to punish the unlock level in PvP before punishing players trying to get dna through raids (or punishing everyone else who doesn’t have the apex 26 running through the 12-16 arenas like butter)