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Confusing PvP bot matchup (regular battle)

I know there’s been loads said about PvP matchmaking already, but hear me out. Recently it’s happened to me three times that when I opted to fight a bot in regular battle, my level 14 party ended up getting torn apart by a level 18 party.

My reknown is at around 3,000 (which seems average for my combined character level).

Has anyone else experienced the same? It seems the matchup is a little off in this case.

@Mo_Young, I presume you intended to convey your trophy count is currently around 3000, rather than your renown. This count will slot you into the bottom of the Labyrinth League where the bots you will encounter on a winning streak will be level 18.

It is possible you were unfortunate and the bots you referenced had great synergy. However, if you continue to be overwhelmed, it is likely you will need to alter your gear and/or tactics. Alternatively you may wish to loose a few trophies and keep yourself in the Burntbone League.