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Confusing Terror-Mail after the current update

After the current update, Terror-Mail comes repeatedly and after reading the message “Hi !May you please describe your reason for contacting Support?” is shown… This behavior is reported by 5 members of our clan who have so far updated


Thanks for reporting this to us, Pehta. Could you reach out to our support team here at with your support key so our team can take a closer look? If you could include a screenshot of the mail in your email as well, it’d be really helpful.


I got this message too, like much other players, this is a screenshot of the message:

Same thing here for some of my team members and me:

It’s in french ( because that’s the language my game is, no problem here ^^), but it says the same thing

Same for me (german game, but says the same basically). And the notification will always go back unread.

Another same for me.

Same but not on a device which I contacted Ludia support before the update and I’m still waiting for an answer.

About every 10 minutes I get terror mail saying there is a new message when there hasn’t been any for months, it’s getting annoying