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Confusion on unlocking special event dinos

I noticed the Dino’s any level many state you need to unlock during special events. I have spun the wheel and received a Dino where I hatch, but still unable to buy with DNA. Bought tickets to win Dinos from prize drop, can’t buy with DNA. Won the Stygmoloch in the past VIP event and I can’t buy with DNA. Can someone explain to me what the meaning of Unlock by Special Event?

Unlock events are in the battle menu, and will have an unlock symbol on them. (An opening lock in white.)

Typically they are only Mondays and Thursday and most tournaments.

Battle stages with the unlock symbol also unlock dinos. Some are for DNA or card packs without an unlock.


Needs to have something like that to unlock it or be a battle stage.


As for Stygimoloch, this is a VIP dino.
You can never buy VIPs with DNA and since Stygimoloch is a 50k VIP you can only buy it if you are a VIP in a 35k or 50k VIP package.


Awesome! Very helpful guys, that makes total sense now. Outside of this, I am in the beginning of building up my bench. DNA I assume will be crucial as I unlock different Dino’s/hybrids. Any advice on whom to focus on, I was thinking Veloc and Trex since both unlocked for Indo and buying him to 20 or potentially 30 if I can. Another is the Diplotator to 40 and Tropeogopterus, so I can build some cheaper strength wise. Any guidance would be appreciated.

The rare hybrids and any of the super hybrids are great economical choices to work towards as far as DNA costs are concerned.


What park level are you?

You’ll want to be able to finish in Dominator in tournaments. This requires quantity over quality.

You’ll want maybe 10 good battle teams for this. Level 40 Legendaries will do ok. Level 10 VIPs will work ok, in supporting the others. (Unless you have the right VIPs, aka meat shield/mix/high attack.)

Hybrid rare and super rare are better. Level 20 Hybrid super rare do ok, and level 30 hybrid rare do ok.

Hybrids use a TON of DNA. Legendaries use up more time to hatch. You’ll have to balance to two resources to build the dinos you need.

See what dinos you have unlocked that will help you unlock a hybrid. Hybrids are unlocked by fusing to dinos. Not an event.


Here’s the strategy I’ve used during my gameplay. It’s a slow strategy, but it has worked for me.

Any time I get a brand new creature, I hatched that ASAP. Beyond that, I started with the cheapest creature and hatched enough to have a level 40 (8 creatures) or 2 level 40s if it had a hybrid and worked my way up from there. The first hatchery was for Commons, Rares, and Super-rares, as well as any VIPs I came across. The other three hatcheries are for Legendaries. After 18 months or so, I’m now working on leveling up my tournament creatures. So, it’s a slow process. But one that has helped keep me out of trouble.

Once I got to the point were I had completed at least one level 40 creature of everything that hatched in one day or less, I used the first hatchery to build up multiple copies of Common, Rare, and Super-rare hybrids.


Thanks for the suggestions guys and very helpful! I am currently level 57, about 2 weeks in and have played like crazy. A lot of the missions are very tedious, getting 20 level 40s, so I have just built up smaller guys that were cheap. I will continue to build up depth and not be in a huge hurry to spend to get top tier guys.

One more questions, the current world event I am on boss 26, top contributor. I see the 100% prize is the statue that everyone gets. Would I get more rewards for doing more damage outside of the DNA collected (which is a good chunk, not complaint just curious if or when I finish the rounds if I should keep going).

Everyone kind of finds their own path in the game I think. I also progressed mainly up through the common hybrids, than the rare hybrids, then the legendary, etc. Initially making two level 40’s so one would be left when I made the hybrid. But when I got to the point of needing tournament creatures to make them, that kind of went out the window since 1. these take so long to hatch and are a fair bit more expensive and 2. the level 40 tournaments aren’t all that much better than legendaries so I didn’t particularly need to hang onto them by that time. Now that I have almost all of the hybrids made (just a couple unlocks I still need to finish the rest), I’m continuing to hatch out any tournament creatures I get to fill back in the level 40’s of all of them.

I also focused on getting as many 10K loyalty packs as I could so would do a lot of PvPs to farm for extra points, never trade LPs and would use my 3 custom trades to get more LPs, as the VIPs are simply the best for getting into Dominator quickly (lvl 20s will eventually be what you want for Dominator runs). Sticking with 10K packs also ensured I had a decent lineup of ceno and aquatic VIPs as well which are the bulk of all my top creatures in these areas still. If you are a VIP, play the lottery too! You will get extra creatures and another VIP for basically what you would spend on a 10K pack plus some extra food and DNA (that you typically make back as well).


And there were some exceptions in my strategy along the way. I know I raised some of those early Clash of TItans unlocks (Troodon, Zalmoxes, and Ceratosaurus spring to mind) to level 30 for tournament purposes pretty early on. Whenever the game exposed a weakness in my lineup, such as the Rare-only tournament exposed a need for many more Rare hybrids, I would focus on getting that shored up. While I said my path was slow and steady, at the same time, I was able to place in Dominator after about 4 months.

And as @Mary_Jo said, the VIPs are your friends. Get as many as you can, through the packs and the Prize Drop. It really doesn’t matter what you get. In the long run, they’ll balance out, more or less, and you can use the Trade Harbor to go after specifics.


2 weeks in and that high? How did you do that? I joined back a week ago and am still at level 31,and struggling. How many hours a day do you spend on the game? That is like crazy dedication you got. You have hats off,grinded really hard! Only problem is that you will miss out on many important event unlocks,especially the rares,like Monolophosaurus,Rhamphorhynchus. You might be able to get the super rares though. Congrats!


Just DNA and bragging rights for doing more damage and completing events. Also the more damage you do the more it helps the community.

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Cool, I will continue

I literally focus all my resources to the missions. I am a pretty solid overall gamer, so I tend to find loopholes or efficient ways to knock them out. For instance I noticed a trend of needing level 40 Dino’s, so I did not evolve them until that was gone. Spent on low DNA Dino’s or those that would create a decent hybrid. Built a coin farm very early on and have consistent income. I build 10x of each building before I needed them and just took them off the board until the annoying mission came out about need x from x building. I have also spent probably 50k Dino bucks on expediting my hatchery and evolving, a lot came from that tapjoy store and cancelling quickly (sure that is not optimal for them). Outside of that, we are on lockdown and time is plentiful, even with 4 young ones! Happy grind

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Thanks Andy, I do not quite understand the VIPs collecting, are you referring to the JWs? You use those for trades? Would the JWs be more worthy in the JW Store for the 10k pack or 35k/50k depending? I have a ton of JWs and the 10k pack just seems like such a crab shoot. Plus the dome and water dudes I do not really see a purpose, does that present itself later in different tournaments?

Thank you Mary Jo, I have about 50k JWs now thanks a lot to VIP x2 then x4 for the event. I was going to save and wait for a solid champ at 20k/35/50k and try to buy two to get to level 20 or 2 decent at level 10. Would you recommend just buying the 10k packs and try to get doubles at some point regardless?

Can you expand on the Level 40 tounrnament creature and filling them back up? Is that if you create a hybrid,you want the prior level 40 champ for grinding? The cool down is significant for these large guys, is there an optimal level for legends 20? Hybrids 20/30/40? Super rare/Rare

Last one, when you grade for the JWs, what are you giving in return to get the most bang for you buck?

I currently only use the trade harbor for exchanging coins for meat. Outside of that I am not sure what I should be mining, any feedback? What VIP packs JWs packs do you typically pick up? Do you save for a specific champ or 10k pack and quantity?

For Trade Harbor, almost every starts out trading Apato Fossils for LPs. You will get some trades of Coins to Food. I never used a custom trade for that. I now do 1-2 trades for LPs and 1-2 Coins to Dinos trade throughout the day.

For the LP packs, the 35K/50K packs I wouldn’t aim for unless you really want a certain VIP dino. The other 10K dinos will perform similarly. If you don’t want to gamble because don’t care for Ceno/Aquatics, buy the 20K packs - you get to choose which types of dinos you want to spend your JW on.

Trade Harbor will eventually offer you VIP dinos for 11K LP, so you can get those if you wish.

I saved for 10K packs, for quantity. Helps in the weekly tournaments.

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VIP creatures are the ones found in the 10k, 20k, and 50k packs and the Diamond Prize Wheel from the Prize Drop, things like Concavenator, Eolambia, Henodus, Thylacosmilus, Stygimoloch. Their card background is different from regular Legendary or tournament Legendary creatures. Their Ferocity values are only exceeded by super-hybrids and tournament hybrids, but their cooldown time and creation time are much less. Unfortunately, they are not unlockable.

These are why most players consider Loyalty Points to be one of the top two resources, along with Dinobucks.

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