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Congrats Ludia, you've really done it now

You’ve neglected the game so hard you got the head writer of Gamepress to quit. Are you proud of yourselves?


:sob: :sob:
This is something i didn’t want to hear.


If something isn’t done soon, I fear this is the beginning of the end for this game… :frowning:


Wow! Just WOW! :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


I wish to see some damage control. But I doubt there will be any.

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This literally made me cry. It’s so sad that it’s gotten to the point that they’re not willing to listen to the core of the community. The things you refuse to address are making the people that keep the community together quit.


I agree with her points. All the new features like achievements and epic requests are legitimately nice, but between the arena and Apex RNG shenanigans it no longer feels fun or rewarding to play.


@Piere87 I knew you were getting close just like me. A couple times you talked me back from the ledge, but after last month it was too much for me. If they ever do a boost reshuffle I have no plans on using them on my uniques anymore. It’s just a waste. If anything I’ll focus on my tournament teams. The Apex dinos can have the arena because that’s all it will be now.


Yeah, I don’t like how the Apexes are eventually going to be on everyone’s team because they’re just so good and so efficient to level. And there’s new ones that have been datamined too, so :upside_down_face:


Sorry to hear this @Piere87 , but everything you said is spot on and relates a lot to what I feel.

I also gave up playing in the arena with the exception of when I had a DBI mission and it was a daily reward I wanted. If not I didn’t bother. There used to be a time when my arena incubator slots were always full and as soon as I used one I battled again. That time has long passed.

The only thing keeping me still playing is the alliance i’m in and the guys I do raids with. If it wasn’t for that, i’d be gone too.

I fear that Ludia has done so much damage to the game themselves that they are beyond finding a way to repair it. But I hope i’m wrong.

Take care @Piere87


I intentionally worked from home today because I knew I’d be a mess and I’m an ugly crier and I didn’t want to explain to my boss that I was bawling my eye out because of a dino game :rofl:


“And let’s talk about those Apex really quick. Remember me mentioning that I recently got all my unique creatures to level 30? That doesn’t matter. All that time, effort, and resources I put into that achievement went down the drain when a lower-level team of Apex can just demolish me. This means nowadays, all you apparently need to do is raid to have an end-game team. You don’t need to hunt or work towards anything else. Just keep boosting those Apex.”



Take care. I hope that Ludia can do something to fix their major mess and the game can be fun again.


Yeah the PvP battles now are all about which side luckily draw more SWAP-IN-STUNNING-STRIKE creatures in their 4 team members, so they could sneaky take out opponents at unexpectable moment. That’s not what called skillfully.

I love raid battles, especially love helping those newbie alliance members to unlock their apex creatures. But don’t like apex creatures joining battle and make those unique hybrids we spent countless time & resource to build up been totally destroyed. (except Monolorhino LOL)


I can’t say exactly when I started to lose the love of the game but it probably started around patch 2.1 or 2.2. The class system, matchmaking changes, trophy system changes, and rise of Apex creatures has made battling unbearable for me.

This was around the turning point for me, too. As soon as I saw the patch notes and complete overhaul of the battle system, I knew my time with this game was going to drop dramatically. Raids and Apex dinos didn’t bring me much excitement, because I could see them being a nightmare for the arena.

And all the dinos feel so very samey now, there’s not much variety in their movesets. Got a cunning? Distract ‘n’ dodge. Got a fierce? Chomp. Got a resilient? …Well, they can do pretty much anything, so enjoy. I used to love the arena, in spite of its flaws. Now I can’t stand to even enter it. Collecting kinda sucks too, because you’re just handed it all anyway, and it’s the Apex dinos you need…

I would say that I hope Ludia listens, but I don’t think they will at this stage :frowning:


Please take note Ludia how many are stating the same things she did. I understand you are trying to get a new player base but that’s nothing when all your long term hard core players leave


Ludia is more interested in releasing Wonderful Worlds so they can soak the hell out of unsuspecting parents whose kids want to play


Yes but it’s possible to beat an Apex with only a Rare and it’s so satisfying (a level 30 Suchotator) :slightly_smiling_face:

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What kind of possible?
A 130up speed M-Rex or 20 atk boosted Ceramagnus or high hp/atk boosted Hadro?
That’s what we faced here, in arena 12 or 13.
And our lv30 full boosted unique creatures still not able to counter them.