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Congrats on your 26 spinoconstrictor 10 days after release!

So all the DNA for Spinoconstrictor should be plentiful in your inventory so the only thing you need is the Epic DNA.
As I pointed out in another post, you would need about 4000 Epic DNA and a little luck to get Spinoconstrictor as a level 21 Unique. To get to level 22 would be about another 1000.
To get to level 23 it would be another 1400, To get to to level 24 it would be about 1800 more. To get to level 25 it would be about 2800. To get to level 26 it would be about 3200. So thats about 10200. There is a variation of possibilities of it being less or more, but this would be maybe 8000 at the least and 12000, with a probability of about 95%. Don’t forget to add in that original 4000 amount,
A few people in my alliance have found the epic dinosaur easier to shoot using the veteran drone. They are getting about 200 a clip, when they see it. Not me. I stink, but for them it is about 200. So in theory they would need about 70 Epics to shoot. Over a 10 day period.

Maybe, who would be smart enough to have this kind of money, yet spend it on a mobile game that may no longer exist in 5 years…

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tho much more believable than the other one, i still find it kind of sketchy. If i’m wrong, I’m wrong. But i do think @Evicton has a more sensible reason compared to outright spoofing.

Honesty, I wish. I have no where near the needed spino dna for it. :pensive: I stopped darting it a while back when i didn’t need it’s hybrids anymore. Wish i didn’t.


10 characters.

I might agree with you except maybe they figured out that Spinoconstrictor is just a High Apex creature and it won’t be effective against immune creatures or other tyrants like they might have hoped while at level 26. At the 5500 trophy level on up, you are going to face a lot of level 28+ teams filled with high apex and tyrants. Around the 6000 Trophy level, most teams are chock full of level 30 tyrants. Then of course if a dinosaur does not have enough boost or a proper boost set up, it can’t compete very well either. There would have to be a lot off effort to get any new creature to battle worthy condition at the 6000 Trophy level because of boost. This causes the game to go stagnant, but that’s a different story.

Where you guys see a level 26 Spinoconstrictor and cry foul, I see a level 26 paperweight, and feel empathy to such a wasted effort.


Boy wish I had his pure luck… must have gotten so much outstanding attempts on the boa, finding a lot of them, and getting 100 every time on both diloboa and constrictor…
I’d do anything for a constrictor :sob::weary:

This guy is using 2 unboosted dinos on his current team so im not sure how boosts are affecting any part of his team.

well, people have had 30 geminitians for months. when there were only 2 events for diplodocus, it doesn’t spawn, not scentable and not in incubators. so however people have that is probably how this person has a 26 spinoconstrictor.


I would hope that using airplane mode would never be looked upon as suspicious. Anyone who uses an unactivated phone to play an alt account can use airplane mode to improve battery life as the cellular radio part of the phone is turned off. I always use airplane mode on additional devices that I hotspot to my main phone.

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Well guys; apparently the mods didn’t find my sincerity on being super happy about someone having a LEVEL 26 unique just DAYS after release regardless of exclusivity. Sad day; bc it seems it was becoming quite the popular post :man_shrugging:t3:. Apparently you have to turn the blind eye to what’s apparently happening in your game


Enough time has passed for players to have used sancs, scents and events to get Gemini to level 30. I dun see many lvl 30 Geminititans and those who do have them are those who won in Season 2 or went crazy epic scenting the 1 week Diplodocus was in the wild.

We need to see actual players who have Gemini then ask if its reasonable.

SpinoC at lvl 26 after 12 days is a little hard to believe.

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Was it a janitor, or was it a salty cheater. He got blasted on Facebook too. Probably came here and reported it, BECAUSE SALT.

Wrong there was a hybrid pursuit :upside_down_face:

THEY dun dare to show their SpinoC(and ingredients as well) !

They can fix it without losing the chance at the dna with a relatively simple check. Sure you won’t get the dna from that attempt but you will not lose the chance at it.

Or they found 5, and darted them over and over until it despawned, as some players do.

Diplo was also a season reward so there has definitely been opportunity for legit l30 gemini but you are right, some of those most likely exploited the same bug, since it has been reported and exploited since July 2018.

Most likely janitor. You can’t name and shame. It’s odd, they seem to protect the cheaters more than worry about legit players. There’s a long history of this.


Not long after I started using forum, I remember ludia asking spoofers to “turn themselves in”. This set the standard for how I viewed their cheater detecting. :roll_eyes::rofl:


I fought a level 28 one this weekend. All I could think was cheetz… I’ve seen one since it came out. No way someone got the unique to 28 already legitimately…

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