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Congrats to all the trolls on here! 😑


Hate to say it, but it looks like this place has turned into a pack of piranhas waiting for chances to take shots at players who play the game well. Sure, the game unfortunately includes more “pay to stay competitive” aspects than it used to (boosts), but that wasn’t something chosen or even wanted by the players. It takes tons of dedication and hard work to build a max level team, but there are plenty of them out there. Being able to consistently battle well enough to climb that high takes intelligence and skill. Congratulations are always in order for players with the perseverance to win a tournament or season. When top 50 are posted, that includes players from many alliances.

Here’s an idea… instead of taking out your saltiness on fellow players, write about what you’d like to see changed in this game and direct it at the people that actually have a say on these things. If you really want to get their attention, do it as a review on the Apple or Google app stores.


Your post basically says it all and I don’t necessarily need to add anything, but I will anyway.
I can understand why some people come here to post something positive and then leave right away because of the load they get poured over them.
The last topic that was just closed was supposed to be a “good job guys” topic and it escalated quickly and was closed quickly. What a shame. Totally uncool to the winners and people who worked really hard for the achievements. Some people can obviously not let the past go and are very judgmental and think that all people in 1 alliance are all the same.
Then again, it’s also really easy to just ignore the people who complain and whine, a topic like that does not need to escalate. Flag 'em, ignore them, and keep posting positive stuff. The trolls will give up.

Again, good job to all winners! (I wonder what 6k Anky is gonna do to someone who already has everything at 30 though)


I actually was the one to ask for it to be closed, it kept getting out of hand. I can understand some people are mad about the pay to play aspects but don’t get mad and degrade the players who do use them, that’s just not right.


It is a much more pay to win game than it used to be. I’m middle of the road, but certainly don’t have anything negative to say about anyone spending more or less. Live and let live :slightly_smiling_face: Many that are on top put plenty of time grinding in and boosts only added to an already high level team.


If those people weren’t paying and Ludia wasn’t making money we wouldn’t even have this game. Some of these people speak without thinking. You need people that will spend big or else there is no FTP at all. I just wish Ludia found a different way to collect money without destroying the balance of the game with boosts. I also believe boosts are the reason everyone interprets matchmaking as being bad.


I don’t think closing posts like that is really a good idea.

And you have missed the point what the ”trolls” were trying to point out, so well done. Why do we even try talking or having discussions when the other side isn’t listening.

Those who are interested what the points somewhat were:

  • People who are buying their way to the top are not good at the game or hard working. They are simply using easy route to get to the top. And they are the first ones to congratulate themselves and their friends for being there.
  • People have no problem with others putting money into the game, unless they start bragging that it makes them better at the game than the rest.
  • If more than one person from one group acts a certain way it’s sadly really easy to make the assumption that they are all the same.
  • Arena isn’t about skill, it’s about luck.

Personally I’m getting more frustrated by the player base than Ludia or matchmaking, which is a huge achievement.

But I will leave it at that, just remember to listen to both sides please.


Yeah no matter how many times someone comes here and says it, people just don’t listen. Thanks for proving my point.

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Let me see, @Duckling, your first point is people who are buying their way to the top are not good at the game or hardworking. Wow what an ignorant statement. You probably have not entered nor won a common, or rare, or unique level 26 tourney where everyone is at the same level. Rather insulting to a lot of the player base. Most of the players in the top 500 heck even the entire player base works hard to search for and dart dinos, and why is it hard for you to understand that being proud of your team’s achievement is a blessing and not bragging as you state. Must be nobody has ever bragged about your accomplishment.
You do understand that when one assumes…well I don’t want the moderators shutting down this post if I write it completely.
The arena is skill base with a little luck thrown into it. If you do not know what your dino’s can do or what your opponent’s dino can do then you already lost.

Once last thing, I want to congratulate you on all the participation trophy you received while growing up…coz you don’t know the first thing about competitiveness.


Say what you will, there’s no doubt the winners worked hard to get where they are now. Congrats to everyone.


I’m starting to give up, no one reads anything anymore, they just hit reply… This will probably be my last post, no point continuing if no one listens.

Was I talking about the tournaments?

How many of them do that and how many of them buy their way there?

I’m also proud of my team, I play 4-5 hours a day and that’s all the time I’m able to put into it. According to the people here and everywhere I’m not dedicated and I suck, been playing everyday since the game came out. There just happens to be a difference between being proud and bragging.

Well the thing is that most people make assumptions and assume things, doesn’t matter if you like it or not, it happens.

Everybody knows what their creatures do and what opponents creatures do, because everybody is using the same stuff. You can also check them in the middle of the battle. Pressing buttons isn’t skill.

I don’t quite understand that last sentence, so can’t comment on it, English isn’t my first language.

I just hate how the game is nothing, but competition, if you are not at the top then you are not dedicated and you suck. You can still be dedicated and not be at the top.

  1. Lydia never talks to us.
  2. Lydia never fixes anything (unless it affects them in which case they time travel backwards to fix it before it happens)
  3. They never acknowledge our reported issues (which leads to constant reposting)
    Hint Ludia, wanna get someone to stop posting about a problem? fix it!
  4. Players cant get anything fun out of what they previously did, so turn to the forums for entertainment, which leads to trolling.
  5. Players BEG for something to be done about the STUPID rat, maxed boosts and matchmaking situation causing RAGE INDUCING matches…yet they don’t care because rats their boost mascot.

Giving that toxic environment and “living” conditions, are you really surprised what has happened to the community?

Heck I know this one guy who was so disenfranchised form his playing experience, he started making ridiculous puppet videos on YouTube talking about ALL MAXXED BOOSTS!

lol, anyway, shut up for a second :slight_smile:


It’s absolutely not skill-based when top pay to win players have boosted Dinos 3-4 tiers higher than other players. Some of the tournaments are skill-based but that’s when things are at an even level (I.e no boosts, same lvl 26, etc).


Allow me once again to post…


Sorry y’all are having such a rough go of getting your points across. If no one listens no matter how many times you say something, it may not be because of what you’re saying but the way you’re saying it.


Don’t know how much simpler I can put it, even my kids get what I’m saying and they are really young. Maybe it’s language barrier, but I’m taking at least a break from here.

I also wouldn’t go and joke with serious stuff like that. It should be left for those who actually need it.


and who wins this skill based tournaments…your argument is moot.

The people who have the most time during weekends or are the luckiest.

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i was wondering the same. should rewards offer option to winners choose between few dna, other than fix one specific?

or offering dna that ludia already has plans of using for some new hybrid next update.
well, i don’t know if that’s the case of pyro and ankylo anyway… let me see 1.9 notes…


Wait, @Stiffeno you back man? You left the game with the most boss Mike drop. Via a freaking puppet show. No one was ever going to top that. Seeing you here commenting sort of cheapens that epic walkoff a bit for me.

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Oh Mr. I Quit But I still wanna Whine is back.

Every game is skewed in 1 way or another. Dun like it dun play. Losing a player who doesnt spend is meaningless to Ludia. You were never the target player.

Everything you whined about can be solved by fixing the matchmaking system and lowering your expectations.

Many here are like the losers in the Olympics whining that they couldnt compete because the opponent had more resources.

The rules are there. We always knew it was pay to win, hell pay to not lose. So why are you surprised Ludia is keeping all the worst aspects of arena there?

I hate arena. Simply because I have to deal with humans. I miss the days were you get the occasional dropper and then the 4 losses in a row to the top player when they finished fooling around.

With the new matchmaker, its not trophies that matter but power. So a DracoRat is rated the same as a Thora.

Ludia has committed itself to 2 bad decisions and it will die on those 2 hills. Power-based matchmaking and boosts.

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