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Congrats to the Winners of the tournament!

Ah… Meant the ones closest to the servers.

Best luck for the rest!


100% echo your sentiments on this.

I haven’t entered a tournament for ever since I have literally never won a speed tie.

When they implement a fair system for this I will try again, but living in the countryside of Gloucestershire in the UK is not great when the servers favour those living nearest to Ludia in Canada.


The winners deserve much credit (except for some that use certain greasy coward tactics). But speedties are pathetic indeed. I’ll never aspire for more than my usual rank since I lose 99% of those ties…

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I live on a different continent, but seem to be doing well enough in the current tournament.
I seem to be doing well re: speed ties, but I’ve mostly been battling from home with a pretty good WiFi connection.

One thing I have enjoyed about this tournament is the lack of boosts. There genuinely feels like battles are won and lost largely based on skill, as opposed to simply having a much stronger team than the opponent.

I was battling for 340/400 trophies.

Then started to lose every single match due to speed ties. Now managed to keep in 230 trophy range.

Now I can commit errors and others are good rival strategy but the more you go up in the rank, the more people nearer the servers appear.

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I live in Brazil, have poor internet connection, lose all speedties and I still manage to usually be top 100, some top 50 which is like being the Champion for me :joy:


Europe, nothing to do? For the conection?

Sir, yes, sir!

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They should really do something about speedties and stuns too. Have really bad luck with stuns this tournament. Opponent stuns work 95%, while mine work 50% time or even less.

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I really have no life lol


Despite my dislike for the speed ties… It is a really good job.

you’re youngo98? I didn’t know that :slight_smile:

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You can battle ? I want to be first lol

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As an Australian it was my duty to lose each and every speed tie.

You would think living in the future (coz that a totally how timezones work lol) we would be able to click faster =P.



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I finished in position 60, which I was delighted with as I feared I would drop out of the top 100 (I had to work for the last couple of hours of the tourney).

That happened to me in the Epic Skills Tournament; I was top 50, but had to go to work. By the time I finished work I had dropped down to 120+ (doh!)

I think I was very fortunate this time re: speed ties this time. I live in Ireland, quite a distance from Canada, but made sure to play the majority of my matches at home where I have a very good WiFi signal. It meant less battling, but a better win ratio overall (I think I had a win ratio of about 5:1 overall, maybe more).

congrats. I was 1 below you. rank 61. was almost knocked out about 2 hours before the tournament ended. luckily i was able to win a match to keep me in.

Fortunately people seem to be taking less risks on top 50. I stopped playing 13 hours before the end, at rank 23. Finished at 32. Number of speedties won in the whole weekend = one.


I live 4 hours or a bit less from ludia HQ. Had my internet upgraded to fiber a couple months ago with new modem and 6 extenders in my house. Have a note 9 and iphone pro. Not sure the speed I am getting to them but I cant win a speed tie either.

If it goes by distance and speed wouldnt the players that live in Montreal win most of these tournaments?

Probably because of how buggy this tournament was.

There was a 10 hour gap where I couldn’t get a single match, would immediately say it timed out, or the search opponent page would freeze.