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Congrats to the Winners of the tournament!

Remember a good battle against you un the tournament.

Finally my score wasn’t as expected but had fun

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I’m glad it was a good battle. I like to make things interesting. :slight_smile:

If it was last night though, I was super upset over all the issues I was having and my Rng tanked on top of it, so I didn’t see everyone I battled.

I made the mistake of battling to try to get back in top 100, then it became a struggle to be in top 500.

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It was on Saturday… When I was scaling in the leader board until suffered the speedtie-RNG “issue”.

The problem is when you reach certain trophies, matches are rally tight, in which one wrong move decides everything.

So if you add into the equation speed ties issue… Things go really bad…

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I was still around 80 on Saturday. I think you were one of the few losses I had that day