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Congratulation to all who didn’t buy boosts this weekend!


This was a great weekend for everyone who didn’t buy any boosts.

Your team is probably now slower then any opponents. Have less health, less damage and maby less speed.

It this good?

Some dinos have specific attributes and rely on beining played in specific orders. Some dinos need their speed to use it’s potential.

Anyhow, the order is broken.

And those players who diden’t have cash, or never got any from L on Friday, will see their hard work and hunting become more or less useless.

This week begin the NEW ERA!
1.8 = Pay and play.


I’m not a whiner, so I’ll just drop arenas as I keep losing, but I’m definitely not interested in the boost battle meta. Sigh.


You got this backwards.

Those who bought the boosts are now being extorted to pay $10 a day to not let their investment go down the drain.

Those of us who didn’t aren’t. No leverage.


So what, what’s the point of being in the top arenas anyway? This is not a game a f2p player should expect to “win”. Just have fun with the game.


OK - so sadly the pessimists (realists?) win - sales will be a daily occurence. Feel sorry for those who spent extra beyond the refund and now need to continue to buy to keep up.

Going to drop down arenas with a lower level team until I get bored. Have two creatures to complete my collection - once that is done, then probably so am I.


The losers are those who boosted their teams?

The matchmaking is set to meet other boosted-teams, and if your team can’t keep it up, you lose even more!?

This getting even better!


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You accept the whole idea of our team getting nerfed?

So all your plans, leveling up specific dinos for the team, using different combinations - No use nowdays.

That’s no problem?


Whatever you say about arena or matchmaking or who loses or wins in the arena is irrelevant. This is now a game of “who can pay $10 a day the longest”. I’d wish you to do well in the game, but at this point it might be taken as an insult.

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It’s just a game. :slight_smile:


Exactly - yeah its not great, but what can you do about it other than shrugging and carrying on if you enjoy it or stop playing if you don’t.

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If the matchmaking actually works the way it’s supposed to, nobody really loses.

I’m in sorna, no Uniques, multiple legendaries. I win some, I lose some, I see the AI bots often and occasionally fall back into Lockdown through all of this. Nothing has really changed for me. I feel like my win/loss is all the same. That, in all, is just my experience. I’ve semi-boosted, nothing crazy. I used the reset windfall to buy ‘some’ boosts, but have no where near allocated all of them. I want to see the dust settle and make good choices. I seldom face ‘mega’ boosted teams, but I did met a ramped up indo raptor that sweeped me, I met another one, that I was able to ‘smart play’ the kill. That’s a win for me.

The super competitive are the people who are in a world of hurt right now. Most of us semi-casual, casual, or dedicated casual aren’t really ‘feeling’ it because we are just in it for the LOLs. At least most of us are.

I have one rule for all mobile games. I play it until it stops entertaining me. I don’t necessarily like all the changes, but I am not yet to the point of not entertained).

Bring it on again, Ludia.


its a cash grab.


I could have taken the VISA and bought the Boosts to maintain my level with the “elite” and increase the difference with those who did not want or could not buy. With 110 euros I would have had enough and I would still have left, but that would have only served for a few days or I would have been forced to continue buying 30,000 tickets a month (220 euros) and, of course, I did not want to do it. I keep the VIP for the moment and I will let the people who have paid and will continue to pay, move away in the heights with respect to me. I will continue playing while still enjoying the game (which happens less and less) and I will soon remember fondly the time in which I could fight in the Top250 with little expense.


It only sucks if your main objective is to be one of the top elite players and your gameplay is now tougher. If you’re a casual player who has fun with the game it’s no issue at all.

I understand that for some it is considered a cash grab or a pay to win game but I really do disagree.

I have paid zero dollars and no matter how many offers the game makes, they can’t grab my money because I can choose not to pay. Imagine that.

Also, I play casually and am in Lockwood with uniques on my team that I fused naturally over time without ever paying for vip assistance or anything else. You win some and you lose some but it’s still good fun.


I’m pretty stacked on unused boosts xD Ran out of speed but have nearly 200 of the others still. Waiting to unlock a few others.

For now I’m in the 3,700-4,000 Ruins/Lockwood arenas. And doing just fine, I’m not even ready for aviary dinos so I’m okay. And don’t need to buy boosts everyday.

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On the plus side, the top spots will have much quicker turnover now, depending on how quick they are to figure out they are being played.

I am putting money money on nerfs becoming far more prevalent in the near future. You can’t transfer boosts.


Shame on me for thinking Ludia would actually care about the players and re-upping my VIP. That was a mistake.

Never again.


I am vip and have spent a little more than i would of liked to but nothing serious. Probably what i would spend on 3 major games in last year. I have really enjoyed the game and supported it as such and used VIP for the last 5 months but this will be my last i think.

I also did lots of free tapjoy offers and got 10k back free cash with the roll back so i bought everything at the weekend for free!

However even I can see that this is a cash grab too. Whales will truly own the game now and if you wanna be top 500 you probably will have to sponsor the game. That being said if we are patient, then in the next 6 months we can be competitive again. Once you get to tier 7 or 8 the last 2 tiers dont make a huge difference. RNG will still play its part aswell and in that time you can get your staple team to level 30s will be effective esp when your at 6/6/5 on boosts.

Play smart and patiently and you can still have fun. Ultimately tho we are in the final stages of said game and it cant last forever.


Right, that is the last hope that I am transmitting to the members of the alliance so that they do not discourage even more. From the 6th level, it will cost more and more to those who buy all the possible boosts to go up one level and the differences will narrow. Anyway, the precedent is already done and we can think that when that happens perhaps more boosts can be bought or new payment elements appear to mark the difference again.


It’s okay for companies to make money. I can choose to participate in that aspect or not.