Congratulation to those who be able to play during the moving chest launch

During the first hour, all moving chest stay on the map and give 750 upon collecting.
Now it give 700 and disappear after you collect the first one each 15 minutes.
Nice played, Ludia. Keep up the good work on bug (that benefit player) fixing. I appreciate that. With this speed of bug fixing, we will get a bug free release in 1.9. :sweat_smile:


I believe at this rate it won’t be later than patch 1.8.380000000001

When I saw the new event this morning it made me think about how it only benefitted players and not Ludia and I thought about making a real appreciation post, but then when people actually saw something in this event (an actually decent way to earn coins) it was patched faster than the Thors boosted by whales. It’s sad and honestly I don’t want to stop playing this game again, but seeing how utterly shameless Ludia is becoming I just don’t see a point in continuing. I hate when people say a game is dying, but this is a sinking ship. I feel like they are trying to milk everyone for whatever they can before we ALL get the notice that whether we like it or not, we won’t get to play anymore. Those vouching for boosts and DC, enjoy your “fun” while you can. It won’t be here for much longer if Ludia doesn’t pick up their poop emoji goes here

This post was triggered by the amazing response time to the “bug” in the new chest event, yet we still see constant problems from other bugs that do nothing but hurt the players. Literally making players not want to play the game. But Ludia forbid we have a “BUG” (big emphasis on the non-existent bug) that helps us in our useless effort trying to row against the flow of this game going down another poop emoji instead of the word I wanna use Creek.

I have never felt so unimportant to a developer. Ever.


Yup completely agree. A bug that actually helped us was “fixed” instantly, yet many other bugs that cause us issues don’t get fixed.

People have said well it’s free coins, count yourself lucky, but I mean yeah it’s free coins, but the whole thing now feel pathetic. When at work, if there’s a chest I can get 175 coins, yay, wait 15 minutes, most likely no chest in the area because they are hardly spawning anywhere, I see maybe 2 or 3 over the map.

They promoted this new addition to the game regarding will you manage to get 1 million coins in August? Making it sound like it’s going to be really good and entice players to get involved.

Turns out the daily coin limit for the new chests is 62,500.

If you tap on a chest when on top of it you get 700 coins. If you do that every 15 minutes without fail, i.e. 96 times a day you reach the 62,500 limit.

So yeah they made something sound good, it was buggy but useful, they instantly fixed it, and now it’s almost pointless, even if it is free coins.


Yeah, and the sad part is EVERYTHING is so easily fixable with an almost crystal clear solution, even if theres something akin to spaghetti code. (I’m not a game developer nor will I pretend I have advanced knowledge on it)

We just wanna hear Ludia’s thoughts.
“We think boosts can be implemented correctly and we are doing what we can to make it work but we hear y’all. It just takes time.”

“We didn’t want players getting a large amount of coins so quickly because boosts was our solution to having no endgame past level 30. Does anyone have any suggestions?”

Or even just a post. Not a reply to a post, their own post apologizing for what has been happening. ANYTHING.

Funny how things work.

One thing about the coin bugs is they benefit us, but they benefit spoofers way more… They’re able to collect a massive amount from their couch… So leaving an unlimited coin bug exploitable is bad for the game in the long run, even if there’s a short term gain for the legit players.


@Dactyl That is why having a daily limit is a good idea, but now it is basically only possible for spoofers to reach that daily limit.


This is what I came here for. This morning, I saw two dozen chests all visible at the same time.
Can I assume that all chests now disappear as soon as you open one and don’t appear again for 15 minutes?

That is what I have heard and noticed. It is amazing how fast they implemented it…


And that’s why I appreciate their effort and speed of bug fixing. They did a wonderful job. :rofl:

The bugs that give players an advantage are indeed fixed extremely fast. All other bugs are cherished by Ludia so they can become tier 10 bugs​:rat: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.


The sarcasm levels are over 9000!

its not like you are going to hit a limit on how much coins you can get per day…

@Pateradactyl We would like to have the chance atleast instead of having a limit for no reason other than to establish how many more coins spooofers can get over the average player.

Actually it is over 1.5 million coins till end of August if you collect all boxes. Reallity will be more around 100 - 200k coins in whole month for those that play a lot.

Not if you only include the chase chests. It may be 1.5m if you include the normal chests.

Right, forgot that it’s every other day. We have 4 weeks of this chase and each week 4 times that mean 16 times. 62500 * 16 = 1.000.000. So their promotion was right, but actually its impossible to achieve that number, even half of it.

Yes it is impossible to achieve it, even someone with no life can’t do that, unless Ludia are trying to promote and encourage people to not rest and sleep and to play their game every 15 minutes for 24 hours straight every other day.

Shocking business.

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