Congratulations everyone


So everyone who moaned about stegodeus and stegoceratops…

Well done, because now stegosaurus has migrated and even the people moaning about only having a low level stegodeus and stegoceratops can’t level it because the main ingredient is now gone…

Really annoying that people moan about OP dinos… just grind and get them yourself !!


Yeah I have noticed that too lol, try this buy a crap ton of normal scent capsules because they only cost 50 and they can spawn stegos and other commons and a slightly lower chance to spawn rares then the rare capsules


Nah I pay enough to complain about ridiculous unbalanced dinos, just find where they migrated to no problems! My area is covered in stego now I think locale 4


I have noticed the time dinos spawn from it, starts at 5 minutes, spawns 1-2 dinos, 3 minutes 1-2 dinos, and 1 minute 1-2 dinos, I assume epics could spawn as well but it’s a incredible luck to get one but I had 2 ultaraptors spawning back to back when I used 2 commons


Moaning about people moaning hey? :confused:


Still the same old crap dinos in the area, minus stegosaurus and apatosaurus…

They’ve been replaced with nothing


they are still around. During the day this corner had 5 at once! I’m pretty sure they moved to locale 4


They’re still all over the place here. The only difference I’ve noticed is I find them at night now too.


The birds are actually spawning too now at non event stops you may have gotten lucky and have pterandon being local epic spawn


Lucky? It’s crap… if rather stegosaurus over any of the birds


Guess you aren’t collecting em all! I’m not liking my spawn points being clogged with stegs when my stegod, monosteg, stegocera and gigaspika ar all at or close to 20. Would love a random actually new spawn to chase! Shotgun swap locales with you lol


Happily… my stegodeus is nearly 24 and stegoceratops nearly 21… need all the stegosaurus.

Been on a 4 mile walk and came across 1!!!
I’d normally come home with like 2000 DNA


you are sooooo self centered. the migration means they spawn in different locations now. people living there can finally grind stegosaurus since not everyone had an equal oppoturnity for stegosaurus’ so it was spawning where you lived and now it spawns at other where other people lives. can you please understand that this game isnt here spesifically to feed your enjoyment


Stegosaurus is a global spawn


so how is it migrating?
EDIT : oh i understand it isnt global anymore sorry my bad


Also we won’t know full results of migration till the gen2 dimi and mono and deinocherus go back to wherever they live instead of being global. From the notes it sounded like them 2 are only global to help out f2p make their first legendary for a short while


Exactly… so why randomly take it from some and not others


yea honestly that really sucks. stegod is a strong dino and must be available to everyone equally


Only thing around me is mono gen 2 and deinocherus…

They’ve not even replaced the stegosaurus and apato with anything new


i mean stegod was unbalanced already now everyone doesnt even have the same chance to get it. wow stegod is in for a great nerf