Congratulations, Ludia!


You made Jurassic World Alive even worse! You seriously needed to pointlessly buff Stegosaurus, Parasaurolophus and other commons? What about T-Rex and Tarbo? Why can’t I get a single fricking critical hit, despite the high chance of getting it? Because of these things, I lost 4 times from a row! I wonder how many thousands of people uninstalled the game now :expressionless:


Losing 4 times in a row is hardly a reason to complain about the game being worse. There are many ways to counter losses. Not getting critical hits when you want them is just how life works. It’s the rng of the game and it’s a gamble each time. You just need to adapt. I know you’re frustrated but it’s what you have to deal with.


I lost even more! I’m instantly going from Badlands to Nublar Jungle and then again to Badlands if I have luck, and on, and on, and on! I’ll never get further, because of everyone having Kentrosauruses and Stegos!


That’s why battling takes some strategy. I lose a lot too and I switch it up to try to calculate when to do certain actions so I have better chances at winning. It can be tough and I get it. But I disagree that the game is ruined.


Worst thing is, no good dinos spawn near me! Only Iguanodon and few other commons! I can’t use my wi-fi outside my house, so again I just need to have luck.


I had a similar problem around that time. It felt like my spawns are always worse than what everyone I fought must have had.

But the spawns in general seem to have improved since then. Just tough it out and it will get better. You’ll occasionally still have bouts of similar issues (I swear I’m the only one with my rating that doesn’t have an Indominus) but my best advice is to just focus on leveling your dinos, not your ranking. Do arenas for incubators and try to shrug it off when you lose.


Strategy does not matter, if a game gives you random dinosaurs, mostly weak ones!


No you choose the 8 Dinosaurs on your team and the game randomly chooses 4 of them in each battle. Just choose the 8 you want to use. As for their levels being weak that’s a personal problem. You gotta get more dna.


That’s something else too, even the commons can still be quite good. I’m in arena 7 right now and at one point I added my Lv 16 Allosaurus to my team on a whim and it actually has made a huge difference with its good damage and crazy-high HP.

The results will change based on the meta for your ranking too, so keep that in mind.


Yeah, but from these 8 it chooses 4 random ones! That’s what I meant!


lol that’s why you need to choose 8 dinosaurs you want to use. That way you’ll always have dinosaurs you enjoy in each battle no matter what.


It doesn’t matter. As I ALREADY SAID the game chooses 4 random dinos, with 1 or 2 being the ones I wanted! And these are weak compared to the newly buffed herbivores!


Ok I get that you’re upset but I’m trying to explain to you how to handle it. You get to choose 8 dinosaurs for your team so make sure to choose 8 that you like so no matter what random 4 the game selects for you, you’ll get ones you want. You can also use herbivores if you think they’re buffed. Then you’ll have advantage! Strategy!


Whats wrong with giving a little extra to the commons? Some players upgrade their commons rather than creating hybrids. This way its more balanced imho


I have several commons on my team in arena 7. Allo is a key player, but my ultimate is deinocherus. I adore her. She’s fast, she’s fierce, and she can take out most raptors in one shot (first, if she’s got her speed increase going). And when she does die she’s usually gotten my opponent down low enough that I can take them out with the next dino. She was ubiquitous around here before the big update; less so now, but still pretty common. I’ve currently got her at level 18, and I’m still sitting on enough DNA to level her up twice because I catch every one I see. And the best part is, people totally underestimate her in the arena, especially higher up, because she’s a common. But the commons can do a fair amount of fighting at higher levels which it takes rares, epics and above MUCH longer to get to.

In summary: pick a common you like and focus on it. Utilize it. And have fun!


That’s exactly what I did. Here’s my team


You downloaded a game knowing it’s a go-type game and you complain about wifi outside your house? Catch more dinosaurs outside, turn on data. Can’t afford data? Put up with it.

Also battles aren’t supposed to rely on crits, those are bonuses.


You guys this is why we need free participation trophies! You can find one next to your toilet like 3-5 Times a week. You get to skip an arena every time. C’mon Ludia! :trophy: :trophy: :trophy:



It’s filled with 1k cash and good intentions