Congratulations on ruining this once great game

150 plus speed thoras, OP proceras ,and matchmaking that is so far biased its a joke my last ten battles all opponents with much higher cups than mine, match fixing it should be called!!! why don’t i play against an opponent with less cups explain that to me ??? so premium cancelled after this post, almost 2 years of grinding 7 days a week 8 hours min a day to get 4 level 30s 4 28sand 2 29s only to be beat regularly by players with lvls lower than my team. one simple fact SPEED i have a few really fast dinos that took me ages to collect the boosts.but lower ranked players with more cash to spend get the advantage over higher ranked players who most of the time have grafted there butts off to get them level 30. it makes me angry and gutted its time to move on from an amazing game shame on you Ludia ,good luck to all hard working players and good riddance to big buyers who have ruined it!


That is not possible, 149 is the max… But I see your point, and you’re right. Speed boosts are bs…



sorry i meant 150 plus indo gen 2s lol i fought a level 30 yesterday with 152 speed !!! my fastest dino is a level 30 magna with 144 speed that took me forever to get and it got beat by a thora 149 speed an hour ago!! ive lost the buzz to be honest il still play but drop down from gyro to circa 4500 cups and just play for free and save the monthly premium bill i stopped doing main tournament for months then got suckered back in its so frustrating but there you go, thanks again for the reply you take care

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