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Congratulations to All Season 10 Winners: September 2019 (Miragaia)

The longest season is over ( 33 days )! Congratulations to all who made it to top 500! Well done as usual to our team ApexPredators! Special mention of course to @Idgt902 for his 4th seasonal top prize!! Amazing job also to @neodejavu (DrNizam) @practicekat @adriceratops @Kingdreadnaught @goodtiger for making it to top 10!



Thanks leader!
Congrats also to you for in the Top 10 list🎉


Congratulations to all who took part. Bravo to our fellow members @Idgt902, @neodejavu, @practicekat @Kingdreadnaught @adrianoceratops @goodtiger and @Legomin1314. :smile:


Thank you brother and congrats to all winners!


Congratulations everyone and a special congratulations to our Apex family well done


The season ended 1 day before it should have been according to the info they posted during the season. I could have gained a bit more trophies and moved up a bit, as I was near to my highest trophy count when the season ended. I dont understand and I dont really want to any more…


The timer was wrong and they fixed it.

The timer was still wrong about 1 hour before the season ended, that was the last time I checked. All this weekend the timer was wrong as well. Its a shame, no need to explain. However, other players were inactive, I played all weekend and today against AI.

I’m glad I get my highest score since Boost came out and I got a common reward then it carries over to a rare. Of course I do good once the epics are changed out. Ugh.

Congrats to everyone who feels they had a good score for themselves and to the top players.

My condolences to the winners :pray:
I have no idea what you will do with all that useless DNA :wink:

Some/most of them there play for name, glory, alliance, and most importantly among all is fun.

They dont care about the dna @Turok_The_Hunter
The Proof = if thats what they want, most of them alredy reach the maximum reward since 2 weeks ago, no need to battle further like crazy till 6800-7000+ trophies as it makes no reward difference.

If thats the spirit and passion that players have, i can bet. Even if ludy give velociraptor as season reward they still keep cont battle like hell. Cos its not about the dna.

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Yay, congrats for winning a ton of useless DNA! Let’s all celebrate the dino that floods all our incubators and whose hybrid we can never use, cause its other component is locked!


Next week there will be Dsungaripterus out in the wild, but I think rare scents would be good to have for those.


I would be embarrassed to “win” the Miragaia season :see_no_evil:

Really should be epic DNA from now on. But good luck with the proceratournament! Grats to the winners

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Haters are everywhere. I enjoy the game and battling. I don’t really care about the rewards.


wow, @longkiller19. you has account in forum? sorry, i dont know all this while.
…yea, after long experience & battling many times with you, i can tell that you are same, a hardcore player that not battle for that season “reward”. you battle for something else.

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Hello Nizam, I do have an account, but I do not use it often. I battle as my big part to enjoy the game. I do not like people disrespecting other people who enjoy the game by participating seriously in its main event like the season.

By the way, I really enjoy battling you and It is always a very big challenge.

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