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Congratulations to all winners of JWA Pop Quiz Tournament

Congratulations again to all winners! Good job everyone !! Special mention to APs very own @IamBGMan @Practicekat @kingdreadnaught


Congrats to everyone who participated in this tourney. Powerful players everywhere!


Well done to all! Awesome achievement as always! @practicekat, @Kingdreadnaught & @IamBGMan


Congratulations everyone!

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Congrats all!

I just gotta ask tho: is this really the way these tournament results are going to go? I mean, Ludia is relying on us, the participants to go in and screen shot the results?? You’d think that if they’d want to share/encourage these tourney’s/build hype for the next one that there would be an official announcement made, along with full results. IMO, it just seems like there’s some sort of disconnect between the promotion of the tournament to get people to opt in and then no ‘official’ recognition of the results.


People bought boosts… that’s all they cared about.

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Came out of retirement for the tourney; it was fun!

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Congratulations! :cake::fireworks:

GGs with you.

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Congratulations you all!:tada:
Yea. Agree with thats suggestion. Ludia should make announcement post rather than us have to do this everytime

Congrats to all the winners!

I feel like I won because of those lunchboxes on the map :money_mouth_face: I must have amassed at least 400k coins over two accounts!

Grats guys, wow Goat i remember beating you once but went to sleep after ya surpassed me, 10th place? Wow amazing, ill settle for 21.

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