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Congratulations to all winners of JWA RE Skilled Tournament

Congratulations again to all winners! Good job everyone !! Keep it up ApexPredators! @TeaRekz @Idgt902


Congratulations getboostsoutludy for your awesome win and congratulations to all who took part well done everyone


Went to bed at 5 am at rank 23, woke up 5 hours later at 52… Played 1 match and lost…

Congrats all winners🎉

Congrats. It’s so hard to get a match when you gain rank. I tried 4 hours before the tournament ended and 10 time outs in a row. Ended up giving up.

Tjpeekapoo1!!! Thats me!


I lost to @Idgt902 a lot of times, and also my Postosuchus be Killin it :grin: that’s what happens when you’re only level 8, without procerathomimus, Purrusaurus, brontolasmus or lactator


@TeaRekz, congrats! :grin:


Please please please fix the nonsense you have going on with the speed ties in these tournaments!! If you live outside of the states you have ZERO chance of winning a speed tie. Please make it random or some other skill based mini game (think like the power bar in a golf game, closest person to the mark goes first). Its not fair to be penalized by ping in a turn based game!


Congrats everyone. I finished in the top 100 thankfully. This was quite the exhausting tournament. I’ve learned that IndomG2 is an absolute monster, as are Yoshi and Rixis.

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I think something like this minigame would add strategy to speed ties:

Rock-Paper-Scissors style but with 4 options.
You get a turn and you happen to be speed tied?
An interface would pop up that gives you the option to pick a symbol. However, to avoid having 2 people pick the same thing, if opponent picks a symbol first, it and another one would be grayed out for you, leaving you with 2 other options out of which 1 of them can beat the one chosen.

So let’s say we got 4 choices: cleanse, ferocious, bleed, nullify.
Cleanse > Bleed, Bleed > Nullify, Ferocious > Cleanse, Nullify > Ferocious, Bleed > Ferocious

You pick bleed. Options Bleed & Nullify greyed out for opponent. Opponent picks cleanse. Opponent goes first.
You pick nullify. Options Nullify & Bleed greyed out for opponent. Opponent picks ferocious. You go first.
You pick cleanse. Options Nullify & Cleanse greyed out for opponent. Opponent goes ferocious. Opponent goes first.
You pick ferocious. Options Ferocious & Bleed greyed out for opponent. Opponent goes nullify. Opponent goes first.

Lol lactator. Is that a new nickname?

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Congratulations @TeaRekz! Keep telling yourself “you’re not going for it this time”, and that might make you keep going for it! :joy:


The winner is not based in the US…

The winner is an excellent strategist and this purely showed off his skills… and fast fingers! It was fully deserved - dedication, skill and a lovely person to boot :wink:

Congratulations @TeaRekz !! So pleased for you! :heart:


yup 10 chars

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Also, I used entelodon in the tournament, he is a beast, if you start with it with good rng and to know if the opponent has purutaurus on their team or not. But also the fact that it deals with procerathomimus pretty well, as well as anything faster than 122

And that postosuchus wrecked every Gorgosuchus and postimetrodon alive as well as dracorex, (3263+1200, it’s a pretty good combo that worked for me and won me 5 battles in a row in the high ranks) to substitute not having purutaurus, Yoshi, lactator or brontolasmus, it could wreck those too

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There is clearly something wrong with the system they have at the moment. The speed of hitting a button doesn’t work in a global turn based game when there aren’t global servers. What chance does my budget huawei phone in Zimbabwe have against someones galaxy s10 in the states? My phone’s ping will be way higher and my phone will render the “attack” button slower? During these tournaments I will lose 90-95% of all speed ties. The ones I win are super obvious that the other person waited a few more seconds to press the button

This needs to be replaced by a skill based mini game to make it fair as the current system does not offer a level playing field. I made it to top 120 in this tournament but I lost so many games due to speed ties.