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Congratulations to all winners of JWA REL Hybrid Advantage Tournament

Congratulations again to all winners! Good job everyone !! ApexPredators rocking the house again! @kingdreadnaught, @shinsousama, @skulli77, @gabotion @adriceratops! Excellent job also to @cincydave99 of Euphoriax.

It was a fun tournament with lots of variety in the arena!


I had fun! Congrats to all who fought hard and smart.

As always Apex leads the way! :smile:

Well done to the top 10.


Thank you, brother. And congrats to everyone who participated in this tourny. So many powerful players! Keep rocking everyone.


Congratulations KingD well done and also congratulations to our fellow Apex members great job as always. Lastly congratulations to all who participated in the tourney


Congrats all of you!:tada:


Love seeing @Eazy up there again representing Sand Dunes! :two_hearts:


Congrats all. That one was brutal! Loads of fun. @Legomin1314 your Dino’s were monsters in there. Well played. It felt like NobadMojo and myself were the only two playing last night for about 4 hours, we just kept going back and forth.



My team was lopsided … 3 of them have no boost at all. Only indo2 and Thyla are fully boosted . When I didn’t get them in my line up, chance of losing was 90% . Your team is also very strong @Eazy! I had fun battling you … I was watching you went pass by me in top 10 so went back to try in the last 10 min and unfortunately got you and lost! :laughing:

Yeah, I felt pretty bad about that. If your team was boosted, they would have been almost impossible to deal with. I enjoy the SIA’s, because they help us deal with the speed issues. But, in this tourney it really felt over used with both DC and stego. Not sure what the answer is to fixing it, but I am looking forward to matching up with you in the monthly tournament once boost are reset. I may cheat a little and see how you and a few others manage them… :wink:


Congrats, everyone, and especially the top 10!

I really enjoyed this tournament and am very happy to have finished rank 95 (Shaymin).

These were some good battles, even when I lost. It’s fun to play against high-ranked players I don’t get matched with in the arena, including @Ardens (I had no chance against your Tryo) and @Legomin1413 (at least I got one of yours!)



Not many people did stand a chance against him when he was drawn :yum:
It was a gg tho!!

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My 30 majunda finally came through for me💪🏼. Well done everyone


Nice job to everyone who played.!