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Congratulations to all winners of JWA Season 12 ( Alanqa)

Alanqa season is done! Congratulations again to all winners! Way to go @Idgt902 for the 6th time- the best battler in JWA history ! And thank you for KEEPING THE TOP SPOT LEGIT!

Congratulations also to our AP team @DrNizam @practicekat @kingdreadnaught for the top 5 finish! For those who made it to TOP 100, excellent job! It’s not easy to get there nowadays!

Unfortunately, we were not able to grab the complete SS of top 100. You may post it here if you have one.


Congrats to all the legit players in the top slots; I was just outside the top 1000 with my highest ever score of 5803 so I’ll take that as a win!


I met my goal of top 100! Next season…top 50 (I think I ended at 64 or something like that so I was super close!). :grin:


Why did you censor BP (and others)?


Congratulations to all legitimate players who achieved their goals this seasonal. Its tougher now with so many non legitimate players crowding up & down the board and taking spots away- hopefully Ludia will finally address that ASAP. (Because it HAS NOT been addressed yet.)

Congratulations to @Idgt902 for winning your 6th seasonal. We are so proud of you. You are such an amazing mentor and teammate to all- not just Apex. They can try all they want - but they can’t cheat their way to the top with you guarding it for us all. :heart:


So how do you know they all cheated?

I’m also interested to know. (granted, i don’t think i’ll get up there to fight them anytime soon.)

Congrats to the top players! Well done!

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Mathematics say so. Lots of screen grabs and counting. But the numbers or far beyond adding up.