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Congratulations to all winners of JWA Turkey LGG Tournament

Congratulations to all winners! Good job everyone!! @lslee @kingdreadnaught @skulli67 @Adriceratops! Thanks again for representing AP in the Top 10!

@Nobad , congrats and thank you for securing the Top Spot!

I just hope that Ludia will see those players who have mind-boggling amount of boosts- both their main team and their tourney team. Ludia should look into these accounts to make sure that they are legit! It’s just mathematically impossible to get those amount of boost legitimately. If that person is indeed legit, he/she should be proud of his achievement and make himself known here . Unless, he/she’s hiding something


Congrats to all the winners! Enjoy your turkey


Congrats to all; not a bad tourney and I am happy with my #164 - won my last battle about 5 hours before the end and didn’t have the chance / courage to battle again!


Yay, my best ever finish!


congrats. and congrats to all in the tournament.

Vers true ! Thanks NoBadMojo for securing the top spot over someone who was at this position only due to the second infinite boosts sale that was not rolled back properly.

Also congrats to my fellow team mates for still representing AP over and over.
I hope everyone enjoyed that tournament and congrats to all who participated !


Was a close call, saw Bruce at first spot a few hours ago.

finished 66th with only two level 30 and eight points boosts. I afraid there’s less and less players interessed in this kind of tournament due to Ludia’s lack of ideas and low quality of rewards.


Our teams were very similar :slight_smile: