Congratulations to Common Skill Tournament Winners

Congratulations again to all winners! Special mention to top 7 here, especially to @BlackDragon and @TeaRekz of AP! image


GRATS BLACKDRAGON & TEA APEX PRED!!:tada::heart_eyes::two_hearts::muscle:t2::muscle:t2:

…omg. you especially @BlackDragon. winning 1st place TWICE in an all equal tourney is awesome!!:tada::grin:

Also congrats to all the names there! u all are awesome and hardcore🎉


Congratulations to Everyone! @BlackDragon + @TeaRekz- very proud of U! :hugs:


Congrats BlackDragon.
Four hours before the tounament ended, I’ve beaten you five (or was it four) times in a row.
You dropped below 1000 points, I think. You didn’t give up and you’ve beaten me a couple of times afterwards.
That was some dedication. :smiley:


image awesome finish! Congrats to all participants!:blush:


Congrats @TeaRekz!! Still considering you Sand Dunes representation as well :grin:


Congrats DonMaax Chile and anacletocretacicos represent!!

Felicidades Max ql representando a Chile y anacletos

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Managed top 50. My MVP for the tournament was Apato. Did not see many people run him but with the high health and pinning strike it was a lethal combo with draco.


Congratulations to everyone who placed in the tourney well done and wow congratulations to Apex members you did it again well done


Congrats, due to time constraints I managed exactly 10 games in this tourney but it was challenging. I cant image the dedication and hard work you all put in


As much as I appreciate all the loves from y’all, I’d like to point out @BlackDragon is a far more inflexible player during this entire tournament. I’d been revising the LB constantly and witnessed his comeback after several droppings.
Myself on the other hand, haven’t experienced too many up&downs. I was merely planning on every single decision and trying to hold the upperhand, plus charming luck and a magic finger on top. It had not been very tough on my end, until the very last moment where the 1st rank was again overturned. And it’s too late for a push back. Congrats to @BlackDragon, you deserve more to this man!

P.s, I don’t mind 20k for tourney price, something of a good start for 1.8 exclusive ingredients…


Congrats to all who placed on the leaderboard, and especially to the top 3, well fought! I was proud to be in the top 50… and more convinced than ever that the 5% crit rate is actually a 25%, given all the crits those 5% dinos were managing. (More than Allo, it felt like!)


In his defense, he was experimenting. Yesterday, he had beaten me five or six times in a row, when we both used either allosaur or tarbo as an opener. Partly, because he was always quicker.When i ve won my five games today, he used apatosaur as an openner. That didnt work obviously. When he changed again to tarbo, he was back at winning against me.

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Well done to the winners! :t_rex:


@TeaRekz ou were tough too man. You managed to beat me and stay there for the whole night while I was experiencing a huge free fall (500 medals). Kinda sorry for stealing the top at last minute and trust me I will never want to do it again (look at what we did, 200 medal gap with 3rd place). I was just tempted to take another theme as my personal goal but staying up a whole night with a numb thumb was obviously not a good idea.

@Leonardo_Kelava Is your ign leo? We had many good matches and GGs.

Anyway, congrats to all and thanks everyone!


Congrats leo and the rest of the winners.

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Congrats @DinoL3o on making it into the Top25!!
Curious to look at the team you used :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:


Yup, that’s me and Indeed we had.
I think we had at least 30 matches between each other, if not more :smiley:

I wished I had more free time lol. It was a busy weekend but hey for doing only 61 battles definitely not bad one bit cashing out 2600.

I believe most folks ran the same 6 dinos draco2, mira, tarbo, allo, euoplo, stego then the other 2 I’ve messed around with as I felt needed based on what I was seeing more frequent. Had scolo, iguano, apato, hatze.

These open skill tournaments are tests of endurance/patience, skill, RNG, and most significantly time.

P.S. skill = speed ties lol