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Congratulations to Lesser Hybrid Open Tournament winners!

Congratulations to all winners of the Lesser Hybrid Tournament especially to the TOP 50! Excellent job guys !


Congratulations to Team ApexPredators who made it to Top 50! @TeaRekz@slugcultjen, @idgt @samguy, @adrianoceratops and @blackdragon!


I think that you deserve a pat on the back for getting in the top 50. That’s just amazing. I got in the top 1000 which isn’t bad, but wow, seriously well done to you

Well done everyone!

Barely made top 50. Woke up out of the top 50 and had to win 3 in a row to get back in. Did it. Barely got in :+1:t3: congrats to everyone. Especially to the winner, and our alliance teammate, that finished 2nd

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A lot less RNG than the previous tournament, but a lot more speed ties.

Lost a lot to speed ties in the last hour, winning them would put me far above #1 :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

Not implying that I necessarily deserve it, but I’d love the chance to find out. ATM it’s just an auto-loss to everyone from NA if they know their stuff and didn’t draw a particularly bad hand.

Congratulations everyone, and my sympathies to whichever poor soul came 51st. I myself finished one battle short of the top 50, after dropping from 800+ to 600 in the last hour and a half. A faulty internet connection will do that for you. Now that’s real life RNG.

Tell me about it. I was top 6 yesterday and peaked at 780 trophies today with top 13.

Then I played for 3 hours and have been free-falling down to 148 with 480 trophy, because of failed stuns, lucky crits for the enemy and the bloody speed-ties. :woman_facepalming:t2:


Still, great job

Congrats to all the winners and everyone who placed on the LB… you’re the real pros!



Didn’t make Top 50 and likely never will in a Tournament with lack of variety. Every single time I fought the same creature and the Speed was a tie, my opponent went first even though I tapped before the moves came up. Clearly my connection or distance from servers was against me. Lost a few battles which ends up being a 60-point swing each time.

I’m sure I’m not the only one without a chance to make the Leaderboard.

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Sucks to be #41. Time for your 5 minites of fame annnnnnd… Guest. LOL

Top 100, I’m happy :slight_smile:

I was 39th for a while and like @Raven I had cruddy rng and dropped a ton of points and had to grind back up.