Congratulations to Ludia

You have officially managed to make a battling system that is by all possible measurements and definitions unbalanced and flat out not fun. Well done on ruining what could have been something genuinely great. I dont know if there’s a specific award at gaming award ceremonies for gross incompetence but you sure get my vote.


I evaluate JWA has a 4 stars gaming and i realy emjoyed it but since they buffed the rat and then make the biggest mistake ever by adding boosts i gave it 1 star im not playing pvp any more game its just not fun



Yeah the matchmaking… I cant accurately describe it here because the words required would automatically have this comment filtered by this sites overzealous censoring. But what puts the cherry on top is that even IF matchmaking wasnt as bad as it is; the basic playstyle of battles now is… again I’m not allowed to use the only applicable words. It’s literally a guessing game of whether they’ve rolled their uber-boosted rat this game, and if they have you’ve just lost. The rat was bad enough when it could just swap in and deal an instant 2k. Now it can do an instant 3k and then potentially outrun you to rampage next turn, stun on the 3rd and swap out on the 4th to do all over again.

It seems to me Ludia simply do not play their own game. No way anyone could play a couple of games like this and think; ‘yeah, this is fun and balanced.’