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"Connect to Facebook" just leads to problems


So, one of those times the game just refused to log-in, I wanted to try Facebook login assuming it might have connected it to my account due to me liking their page via a link provided in-game. I was wrong, it created a new account.
Anyway some time passes and I am able to log back in with Google play. After a while (today) I decided to finally click on the Connect with Facebook notification on top left so it goes away. It asked me about switching account and I assumed it will associate my real account with my Facebook, removing the facebook-login created account.
It did the opposite, it associated the Facebook login created account with Google play login, removing my original account from Google play login. It even carried over the VIP membership.
I read somewhere “Guest” login might help but that just created a THIRD account.
I put in money in my main account that’s now level 14, and if this does not get resolved, I am canceling my subscription and I am done with this game. And yes, I did write to the Support directly as well.

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Oh no, that has got to be frustrating!! I hope support gets back to you soon! :blush:
My sister has both connected together (google/fb) and hasn’t mentioned any problems.
I’m sorry that’s happening to you. :pensive:


I guess your sister connected before recent game update. I also connect the account long time ago without any problem (before 1.4, I can’t remember) and I can use my connected account to log into the game. The problem seems to be newly account connection.

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No other mobile game I have played requires a link to Facebook and Google. If it gets deleted I can just go back, download it, and it works fine carrying on where I left off. Why does JWA require this when other games don’t?

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I play another game that requires a FB login to create a cloud backup. I don’t use it since I don’t use FB. I’m waiting for Google Play integration since that’s where all my other games are stored.

As for why some games allow you to carry on from where you left off once the game has been deleted then downloaded again, I can only assume that the reason is when the game is deleted, only the game is removed. Any saved data is kept in the phone’s memory and needs to be deleted manually. Thus when the game is reinstalled the data is already there in the correct location when the game looks for it and so carries on with no fuss.

When you delete JWA everything is removed.


Who the “heck” still use the FB? (I never used it and none of my friends same)


Hey Juraysic, I’m sorry to hear that happened with your account and I can understand that it must have been a frustrating situation. If you had already reached out to our support team, our team will try their best to assist you and hopefully get you back into the game ASAP.

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Thanks, Ned.
I am looking forward to it.