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Connecting guest account to facebook

So i’ve lost my old account about a month ago when my phone had to be fully reset, not gonna get into that(it was mostly me being stupid tho, and not saving my support key)

But anyway to make sure that it does not happen again i wanna connect my current new guest game with facebook

So in the support menu it says that after completing the tutorial i should get a messege asking me what to play with, i didn’t get that so i assume that my game is a guest game

Then it says that i can still connect to facebook from the in game options menu, but in it, it does not say i can

I saw some screenshots and aperantly i should have a facebook thingy in the left corner, which i don’t have.

Then i know i need to somehow connect the account with facebook first(i know it sounds wierd but basicly i need to do something with facebook so the option actualy apears in the first place then merge the account with facebook).

So basicly i think i need to just get the option to somehow apear and then i think i should be able to take it fron there and connect the account

I’m sorry you are missing the Facebook option in your game, Fico. Could you please contact our support team at with your support key so our team can take a look at your account?


Is this a juvenile account? They don’t have the ability to connect to Facebook

Problably. Kinda annoying i can’t connect to google play like in JWA