Connecting to Google and Apple

I currently use Facebook to sign in as I have both a Samsung and an Apple tablet that I use to play Jurassic World the Game on. I know they introduced a way to sign in via Apple ID and Google recently. Can you attach the same account to both options and use all 3 depending on if something is unavailable or device you are using? If not, I’ll be sticking with facebook for the time being as I have no idea if I will go back to having only Samsung devices or keep a mix like I do now.

Hey Demi, you should be able to link your game account with both Google and Apple. :thinking:

However, please make sure to have your support key details saved/written down beforehand. It will help our team locate you faster in their system if you need assistance.

Sadly, with the amount of tickets I’ve had to send in over the time I’ve played, I’ve actually got it memorized. -lol- Mainly cuz it also reminds me of some computer terms too. Will do that soon then cuz facebook is apparently having some issues.

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