Connection Issue whole weekend

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Bug Description:
Connection issue during battle.
Radar appear for every action like spin a supply stop or tap on a creature.
This happens since the tournament starts. Have been lasted for 48 hours till now

Area is was found in:

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Start the game, take a lot more than usual time to load, sometimes give error 10010 straight
Step 2 - Any action in the game is delayed. Cannot battle. Always auto use basic attack.

How often does it happen:
Always, for the past 48 hours.

What type of device are you using:
iPhone X, iPhone X Max, iPad mini 6 gen

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)
My internet does not have problem. Youtube and Netflix can stream at 4K resolution. Both 4G and WiFi gives same problem. Reboot phone, reboot router, not helpful at all.

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Buying VIP is not for this kind of service, especially during tournament and everyone is aiming at alliance reward.

I couldn’t agree more, we are paying for a service, which is not being provided to a satisfactory level… And then you expect us to become I.T experts and report all of this back to you Ludia?

Please sort these connection issues ASAP. Thanks

Our team has been notified about this issue and they are currently investigating into that. May I suggest you to contact our ludia support team?
Oh and, I’m sorry to hear that.

Ps, I take over your job @Ned

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That happens when the server gets screwed up… same with the speedtie bug where you can’t pick a move or swap after hitting the button like you have to go to the hospital.

Seems its normal. Ludia enjoys your pain.

The problem is our local ISP. I realised that StarHub is unreliable as an Internet Service Provider since any form of PVP has a 50% chance of losing connection.

I play PvP on data because Sinktel is slightly better.

That being said, can PvP battles be less dependent on whose connection is better and be actually, you know, be based on skill.

I have one M1 fiber, one M1 4G, one on TPG 4G, same problem. Only good time is before 9am

Am getting the same issues as you guys.

I changed my ISP from myrepublic to starhub maybe 6 months ago. Bad move.

Constant connection issues during PvP. And the “cannot connect to chat server” . And the purple circle forever turning. Been terrible over the weekend and now on Monday morning too.

Switched to M1 4g and seems better. But still not great.

Same issue, game is night unplayable in this state, every single time you tap a dino you get the spinning purple disc of doom. Arena same issue, red connection issue warning pops up all the time, I can’t select any moves at all and when it finally “connects” my turn is up and I do a strike.

Today, it took me 12 minutes just to login to the game, stuck in a cycle of loading up to 27, hangs halfway and resets back to 1, and straight up disconnecting after a while. This should not be happening, everything else that runs on data/wifi/4G is perfectly fine, only this game is having issues!

Has been in this state since the day the tournament started. Ludia needs to give us answers @Ned @J.C

It is absolutely unacceptable that this has gone on all weekend when there is a key tournament going on. You all need to do a better job to be on top of things.