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Connection issues getting much worse

Is anyone else having severe problems with connection issues for Jurassic world I’m beginning to get sick and tired of all this connection BS. I have just lost an entire 20 mins of a rare sent capsule its giving me a hard time to even do my battles it seems like the app is getting worse at connecting I have closed and reopened the app like 5 times restarted my phone even though I know its not my phone as none of my other games are having connection issues including my harry potter wizards unite game which also uses real world Google maps as well and now it won’t let me in at all its getting extremely frustrating and pissing me off…I refuse to spend any real world money in this game til I’m 100% sure they have truly fixed all issues until then they ain’t getting a single penny out of me this is complete and utter bullshit and I’ve complained about this so many times now and still 2 or 3 updates later its still not fixed and is worse than ever before. I’m so close to saying screw it and uninstalling this app since they can’t listen to the players yet they want my money sorry not til game is completely fixed are they getting any of my hard earned money til they themselves earn it.