Connection issues when roaming between networks


This must be fixed ASAP!

It’s no fun at all when the game crash/hang just because you left home and the WiFi-signal is lost and you are now on mobile network. My clien’t dies or does not even connect after I leave the WiFi-network and sometimes I can’t reconnect until I manually close WiFi features in my phone.

This is the only game that behaves like this so I know this is a bug/bad programming of the conenction part.


This has happened since day one. Basically you have to leave the game, move far enough away to be on wifi and then restart.

Or you can close your wifi connection, let the game freak out for a couple minutes then continue as normal. Just don’t do what I did several times and start a battle just as you are leaving the house.


This is annoying :wink:
Pokemon GO doesn’t do this but TWD:Our World does the same thing, same framework that handles connection?

I was just outside my door and I lost WiFi-signal even when 100% strength, this is odd since our WiFi covers at least 200m outdoor but it switches between mesh spots.
But at this time I think it was a common problem with the game since my opponent got passive and timed out.