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Connection problem during battle

Bug Description:
Connection problem during battle with other players.

How often does it happen:1 time yesterday and 3 time today

What type of device are you using: iPhone

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)

Hey Daniel_Milot, I’m sorry that you were having connection troubles during your battle. If you’re on a WiFi connection, try forgetting the network on your device, and then re-add it and see if that helps.

Hi Ned,

The problem isn’t my iPhone because it appear also at work this noon.

If you see my pictures you will see that the erlikosaure of the other player had 0 DNA and it was the third dino that the other player lost. But for some reason the erlikosaure of the opponent did another move and he win the game even if I was suppose to win it.

Thanks for your answer and I hope this other details will help you to resolve the bug.


Thanks for providing more information, Daniel_Milot.

Looking at the 3rd screenshot, the 0 HP displayed on Erlidominus seems to be a “preview” damage of what Distracting Impact would have caused from Tenontorex.

If you could provide a step by step of what happened during the battle, it’d be really helpful for our team.

Hi Ned

I would like to make an help an support topic.

Hi Ned,

There is an example in this short video of my purpose where some dinosaur continue to play even if it have 0 DNA after a connexion problem.



(Attachment RPReplay_Final.rar is missing)