Connection Problem - Error 233


I get error code 233 when I try to connect with wifi. I can surf the net and access chat programs while on wifi so it’s not a connection issue.

When I turn off wifi and go on 4G, I can connect to the game without problems.

Could someone look into this please?

Hey Musicwhiz, could you try forgetting the WiFi network on your device, and then re-add it and see if that fixes the error?

Hi thanks Ned,

It’s sort of working intermittently now. I still have some loading issues but it seems a little better. Will keep trying throughout the day and let you know if there are still problems.

@Ned Given that the forums have been crying foul about this bug for weeks could you please 1. verify that you and the team are aware that the game is currently deeply broken when played on wifi and 2. explain what steps have been made to repair the issue?

Hey Venerus, our team has been made aware of the connection issue being reported. However, if you’re able to play the game on your mobile network or a different connection, there might be an issue with the WiFi connection.

@Ned Not really. My wifi works fine with low latency games, and it occasionally will work well with WoW but then rapidly deteriorates due to 233.