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Connection problem with Facebook and Google play

I am not able to open my ID because I can’t log in through Facebook nor the google play. I have emailed the support. I waited for many hours and still no response. I am facing this problem for 2 days. I am able to play as a guest, so it means my network is good. Conversation ID: #874476 and my ID is OwO#5013. In my mail, I have sent a support key too. I have tried reinstalling, clearing data, and restarting my phone. none of is working, I also tried different connections.

Hey, OwO. Support will get back to you as soon as they get the chance to read your email. It might take some time as messages are responded to in the order they come in. In the meantime, our FAQ here provides additional steps that may help. Your patience is appreciated!

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Since yesterday evening I have had the problem that I can still get in on Facebook via googleplay, only as a guest I can start

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Yes, agreed the same problem is there with me. I have talked to my internet provider, they say its fine for them.