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Connection problem with Google Play account

Hello. I was playing for months and suddenly I cannot access my account since yesterday. , I get an error when trying to connect saying “we have problem connecting to our servers. Check your Internet connection”. My Internet connection is perfect. I tried to uninstall and reinstall and it doesnt work. I also changed WiFi and used cell data, nothing happens. What could be the reason? Will I lose my progress? My Google Play account is mele1991mele and my customer support key is… Ask me. I already sent an email to your support but you didn’t answer me yet and the problem remains. I don’t want to lose my progress. Spent tons of real money on your game.

Thanks in advance

I’m sorry to hear about this, Little_Prince. If you haven’t already, could you try forgetting the WiFi network on your device then reconnect to it and see if that helps?

Once our support team gets the chance to read your message, they will get back to you as soon as possible. Your patience is appreciated!

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I did. It didn’t work

Anyway is this fixable without losing my progress?

Just fixed. Thanks anyway

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