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"connection problems" - but only during play a battle

Since today afternoon I have big problems with playing the battles:

It happenes that - while playing a battle - I get ingame-information “connection problems” and from that point on I can’t do any action in that battle any more!! And it doesn’t depend if it’s a pvp- or tournament-battle… it happend in both types!

And it’s very strange that this only happens during fighting!!! No one else in the game and also no connection problems outside the game!
And it also doesn’t happen in each fight, but in every 2 or 3!!

Cause of that very strange point I’ve still lost 4 battles: 3 in tournament and 1 in pvp. Depent to that I’ve lost points too and have to do more battles, only with challenge to get the points back this bug had taken away!!

I’m sorry - but that way the game isn’t to play any longer for me!

PS: never had something like that before and still tried everything to make sure it doesn’t depent with my Smartphone!

Hey Gerdschi. That does seem frustrating!

Can you please try going to your device settings > WiFi, and then tapping your network to forget it? You can then try reconnecting to your WiFi network to see if that helps in any way. If not, you can reach our team at with your support key so they can investigate this issue.

Hallo Davy,

first of all thank you very much for your answer!

Meanwhile it seems that the battles don’t have those problems any more! I can play them like it still should be and how they where before the problems from yesterday began!

But I can definitely exclude that the problems depented for example to my internet, my smartphone or anything other around my own person!!
This fact based for example on the thing, that I didn’t have the same or any other problems like them with my smartphone.
One thing more was that some friends yesterday told me, that they also had some problems, very simular to mine! The only difference was, that this problems came in very short time tables during the fight, so they had no effect to the result of each battle.

But I have lost 3 fights in tournament only because of that!!! Additionel 3 more fights I’ve lost in normal way I felt down for 180 points! 90 of them without any foult of mine!!

I tried the whole night till now to beat my actual highscore in tournament but till now I can’t come over! I can reach the highscore on point but everytime in the following fight either the opponents dinos are absolutly high end or the constellation his and my dinos makes it defently impossible for me to win.

And by the way: only to get the points for the 3 lost battles - which only were based on the game itself - back took me some hours playing!!

So I really would be very thankfull if you could find a way to consider those hours I had to play because of ingame problems (f.e. to count those 90 points to my actuall highscore?? Or something else)!

I hope there will be a solution you can find!

Thank you very much for your great Support!

Best regards