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Connection problems in 1.57?

Since the 1.57 update, most times when I switch back to the game after being “gone” for more than a few seconds (including after watching an ad, which makes the issue particularly annoying), I get an eternally spinning hourglass. Often I have to switch out of the app momentarily, which will cause it to say the connection has been lost and prompt me to reconnect, which usually works.

The previous version was not this temperamental. Anyone else having similar issues?

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Yes, I’ve had this problem for months. Your lucky it is just happening to you now and it’s extremely annoying. I’m sure it’s due to the game state of our accounts behind the scenes and happens for me in spurts which then go away for hours or days. Maybe that’s why I also can’t do the Google save.

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Hey there, robocat3. Could I ask you to email your account info to our team at if you haven’t already so our team can better track this issue?

Thank you!

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