Connection problems?

Does anyone else have connection problem currently? When starting the game, I receive error: “Connection to the game server lost. Please check your internet connection”.
Tried with WiFi and 4G/3G, with both Android and iOS devices - but with the same result.
My Internet connection is otherwise fine, no problems with any other page or service…

Hey @filip1971, would you be willing to send this info to our team at, along with your support key, so we can investigate? :male_detective:

Thank you so much!

Sure, I can do that - but having in mind that support team will probably respond in next couple of days, I thought it would be faster to check it in Forum as well…

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It is a wise choice! If no one has any solutions here, writing to support will put you in queue faster, eh?

I have just sent the info to support team, hopefully they will be able to help. Thank you!

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