Connection to game server is lost / Unable to connect using wifi

Hi all,

Not sure if anyone here facing the same issue I have, but recently I am having trouble to connect to the game using apple ID , and everytime the first login would definitely forced into a “Connection to game server is lost” and I have to “retry” it only able to connect successfully.

Recently things got worse, i’m not even able to connect to the game (black screen, connection to server timeout) using my house wifi, but my wifi is totally fine, able to load all devices and websites and apps, only JW:TG will be facing this issue.

This is so annoying, can i have anyone confirming the same issue as well ?

Thank you in advance!


Hello and welcome to the forums !! My internet is broken right now, hopefully fix soon and hotspot not working. I dont know if I can finish in the Wooly Rhino tournament.

Jurassic World Alive isn’t working either. So frustrated with internet.:rage:
Other apps however are working. Tells me that these two games need more Internet

If this persists with Internet tomorrow its definitely a glitch and I want my Whino unlock :pleading_face::rhinoceros:


Definitely another selective issue. In JWA, some players like myself are unable to login while others are. Now with it being holiday season I doubt they’ll resolve this issue as quickly as they would in normal times.


The connection issue after a few seconds of gameplay is well known. You have to accept it since it happens for a long time now and Ludia does not seem to be able to do anything against it. Try to consider it not as a bug but a feature. :wink:

The black screen happens on my device from time to time. The only procedure that helps is cleaning my cache and force the game to stop in the settings menu. This is how it works on android, I can not tell you what to do on apple. But I suppose iOS has something similar.


On iOS, I just clear the cache and end it by settings, guess it’s the same as android. If that doesn’t work, i reset my device and it works fine

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Its even worse now during the holidays. Guess I’ll try clearing some screenshots

Edit: Maybe I just have to hope Internet gets fixed today…

Edit 2: nevermind. Cleared out 300+ screenshots and the game worked with hotspot. Finally :partying_face:


I’m so mad. Hotspot refused to connect yet again and the storage I cleared this morning didnt help. Guess I wont finish in Wooly Rhinoceros tournament after all…:confounded::cold_sweat:

Sigh why did this have to happen, I really want to unlock Rhino :rhinoceros:

Update: yayy Internet is fixed.!!! I’m coming for you Whino !!

hello, i’ve been having the same trouble, and not that tech savvy, what does clearing the cache mean? and how do you end it by settings, do you mean just closing the app and restarting?

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