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Connection to Server lost- every/only evening

For a few days now, I have the same problem every evening. Where i live it is now 10pm. I try to Connect with the game and it says i lost the connection to the Server. I try again and again but every time it is the same answer. I had that Problem for a few days now. The problem only appears in the evening and it can’t be because of the Internet, because everything else still works. So I wonder why this Problem appears. It makes my Progress even Harder when i only can do the Fights in the morning , Put Dinos in the incubator, or want to fuse them. And I know If i try tomorrow in the morning everything will Work Just fine. So why doesn’t it Work now, No matter how many Times I try to Connect?

Hey Rana_Mana, could I ask you to contact our support team here at with your support key? Our support team would be happy to take a closer look to see why that might be happening and provide some troubleshooting steps. Thanks!

OK i have now contacted the Support. I also tried to get in the Game again 5 minutes ago and it still didn’t Work.