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Connection to Server Lost

I’ve been having these problems a lot more frequently lately with Jurassic World: The Game intermittently not allowing me to connect when I’m on my home network, my mobile network, and on a friend or relative’s private home network using my android phone. I usually then close out and try again after ending all running programs in the Android task manager and it’ll either not connect or it loads up with no problem whatsoever and works fine until the next time I try to run it again and I have to go through the same problem of trying, closing, and re-trying over again. I can encounter the problem one moment and then in a couple of hours I can try again and it’ll work like it is supposed to often. This is the only game I have been encountering these issues in with it connecting. Jurassic World: Alive, for instance, works fine and connects every time I go to play it home or mobile network - it doesn’t matter. It’s just Jurassic World: The Game that does this. Is this a firewall setting or a setting in android that I’m missing here? Thanks for the assist.

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Welcome to the forums, TyrannosaurTJ, and I’m sorry to hear about the connection problems. Our support team would be glad to have a closer look at this and provide additional troubleshooting. Please reach out to them at and include your support key to help them locate your account faster in our system. Thank you.