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Connectivity loss during battle more and more frequent

Bug Description: In the middle of a battle the game becomes unresponsive. In the next turn it doesn’t allow you to select an attack neither swap dinosaur. The only way is restarting the game, therefore losing one or two turns and loosing the match.

Area is was found in: Arena battles

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Every time I battle several matches in a row I find this problem. Not only me, many times my opponents lose connection too and they can’t select attacks. You can tell because they use all the time allowed and use only the primary attack. Sometimes they manage to come back (restarting their apps, I suppose).

How often does it happen: quite often recently…several times everyday (I usually play around 20 battles daily, you could say that it happens 1 in 4 battles).

What type of device are you using: OnePlus 5

Anything else? That’s all, not a minor issue for a PvP based game with tournaments disputed…

I’m sorry to hear you’re having connection troubles during your battles @giardinoni, and I understand that it can be really frustrating. There are some troubleshooting steps for connection errors here that might help with your issue: Lost a battle I was winning

If you’re still having problems after trying those troubleshooting steps, please feel free to contact our support team here at with your support key.

I am also having this same issue, when i almost get to 3000 trophies i either get the same problem with it not allowing me to attack or change creature, or i get pitted against somebody with ridiculously high level dinosaurs compared to mine! The matchmaking is a poor system and there should be some sort of compensation for lost battles due to the game freezing especially when ludia are happy to take money for monthly subscribers. My last battle i played i was 2-0 up and my game stopped allowing me to attack or change dinosaur resulting in me losing because i had to close the app and reload. I have a very good internet connection so i know this isn’t the problem.

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The problem persists under stable and strong connection.

I believe that is not only an internet connection issue. This may have to do with memory management optimisation. The game fails to manage memory sometimes. I had funny bugs during battles, such as two dinosaur merged as one. The game was rendering on screen the previous dinosaur which had died and the one actually battling. Other aspects where game doesn’t manage memory is on the world map. Sometimes it shows empty patches of terrain on the map (like an empty square).

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