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Connectivity Problems

3 times in the last 24 hours I’ve had intermittent connection issues. Twice was in Normal battle PvP queue and as it “Opponent Found” it goes to “Error can’t connect restart app”. And gets stuck in a loop trying to connect to Google play account and can’t. Takes a good 10 mins of just walking away from the app for it to sort itself out.
The 3rd time that just happened I was in a match my Saarv Killed their Calli that was Deathwarded by Cori. Deathward glitch happened and I immediately force closed app when I saw the Calli disappear and Game Could not connect back to the session. When you click try again. It just loads and loads and then does Error 107…Since the Deathward Bug didn’t actually get fixed… the only real work around to not Lose was to Race to restart the app and fix the bugged out session and now we can’t even do that. Someone forget to Clear Server Cache after this weeks Rally? Weekend PvP is gonna be rough with an event going and Connection issues…

Seems like it won’t connect to Google play as my Google play ID doesn’t pop up saying “ Welcome back” etc.

Hello Blazenkks. Our team would be more than happy to investigate this. You can email them at with your support key. Thanks!

This is happening to me too