Conquest Mode

I have already posted in my List of suggestions,but because its a game changer for JWA,i thought it would have a new topic for it alone.Now i would like to see your opinions on this and even your suggestions to improve this idea.

Conquest Mode By far something very difficult to implement in the game.We already know that lots of Dinosaurs are territorial,so there will be no problem with the lore of the game.Lets split all the map in hexagons(civilization style).To conquest a Hexagon we walk there and have a fight with bots like Strike towers.After we conquer it we put a color flag and our name on the Hexagon.To start a battle in a Hexagon we need to pay perhaps coins and Hard cash.After we go to another Hexagon to conquer, the Coins and Hard cash will be more to pay and the Difficulty of the battle rises (like Strike Towers ).(I am not settled with the idea of the Hexagons will be next to another or it’ll be anywhere we want).How to determine the Dinos we fight to any Hexagon?There will be info or a picture of the Dinos that are resident there.So we can choose what Hexagon will be conquered.Every Hexagon that has been conquered after 24h that belongs to us,it will give us some amount of the Dino Dna that residents there(perhaps some coins too).
Defend Mode Every Hexagon will be defenseless and we must put any Dino except the ones of our team(in that way,there will be no useless Dinos,even small ones).So any other player can come and try to conquer our Hexagon by fighting the Dinos that we have put there(the other player will fight like it is a strike tower with A.I )
With this mode there can be more rewards,incubators,leaderboard etc etc

ps: with this we can conquer a Hexagon in another zone ,so it will produce us some Dna that we cannot manage to Dart frequently.

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In the Hexagons we could see the pictures of the Dino herd that residents in there.After the conquest of the Hexagon,battling there as a strike tower,we will be given every 24h a sum DNA of the Dino Hexagon we have conquered(and maybe some coins).The conquered Hexagons would have a flag and the name of the owner.It could be a clan or guild thing if ever implemented. And then it can be defended from other players.

The small pictures and everything will be at background barely visibly so not to overload our screens.
Sry for the screenshot,i had no other program than painting,and i hope you get the big picture.

I still want to know what is your thoughts/opinions?Or if it is too much for the game and we must keep it simple?

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Nice idea but this isn’t something I’d want to see in the game. Games like JWA just need to be simple.

Fair enough! I thought that it will be a good addition plus it will be another source of DNA income.

I’m liking the suggestion here

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