Consecutive Counter Attacks!

I have been lobbying for a thing where a Counter Attack would hit two times in a row, but then instead of just hitting one counter twice we could have the first attack be a definite number while the second is a range of the definite number up to a set maximum. As cool as that is I would like to push endless juggling!

Meaning if I hit a counter attack, after the definite number, if the next attack hits within a certain narrow range out of a full scale range then it does a third consecutive counter attack and so on until it doesn’t hit that narrow range anymore.

Now many will blindly down vote this idea unless they fully understand what I’m advocating.

So the initial idea was just let’s have consecutive counter attacks with two back to back moves. Meaning if a Carnotaurus hits 1175 damage on one counter attack it hits it in a second counter attack and that’s it. It does a total of 2350 damage.

But the other idea was hey it will always hit 1175 damage on the first attack, but the second attack will hit a random amount between 1175 and like… 2165. For example. That’s it.

This new idea says it hits the first as 1175 then it can hit anywhere between 1175 and 2165, but… if it happens to hit the sweet spot of anywhere between 1192 and 2009 then it juggles into a third consecutive counter attack and if that attack hits within a range of 1194 and 2008 then it juggles over again and the narrow range gets more and more narrow giving you less and less possibility to juggle.

I really like this idea!

What about you?

Or do you prefer one over the other out of the three variants?

I prefer the current system. It works rather well. We don’t need the counter attacks to change, as it changes due to distraction, resistances, shields, etc. Honestly, this is one of the few things Ludia got right. Let’s not fix what ain’t broke. Also Carno isn’t a good example. His counter scales directly with your health and resistance, so something like Raja, lythronax, or just anything without rend would be better


I despise the if it is not broken don’t fix it argument. We aren’t fixing anything we are upgrading and it’s a fun way to use these upgrades to fix creatures that could benefit from a slight buff instead of messing with their primary moves.

It was just an example, but I understand. Thanks for giving me better examples of what to use as an example. Of course we could still change that or alter it for those types of counter attacks and now we have more to work with and do alterations.

This is officially even more exciting!

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Most counter attacks have a niche. Also that argument works here. There are few that need a buff, and the ones that do really need it. However, the counter attack isn’t the problem, it’s the creature. Many are pretty balanced, some are meta. This is a don’t fix it not broke situation. What if instead of the counter attacks, we target the meta and try to change it for the better?

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I’ll split the difference here. We do need new ideas, otherwise we can’t innovate. That said, any new ideas shouldn’t break an already working system. I do think there’s a way that consecutive counter attacks (or even consecutive basic attacks) could be added to the game, but it would have to be done very carefully so as to not make the current countering system obsolete.


But why? Is there a reason? Don’t overload players with a wall of text, just keep it short and sweet.

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What are you asking exactly?

Why we need this?

Isn’t it obvious?

Yes I am asking why.

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I think he means the amount of text needed to explain your topic. Nevermind

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It won’t be obsolete. One basic way to address this would be basic counters all do high damage while consecutives do smaller amounts of damage to keep both having equal value for different reasons.

But what’s the reason behind this idea? Why do counters need to hit twice?

Because counter attacks are very very cool and have needed an overhaul for some time now.

Why is any change always jumped on or questioned? The thing is you aren’t being forced to play with these creatures and if you play against them trust the system will be fair. In my system it would anyway…

Speaking of the system…

No. I have stated many times that I wish to change the way things are radically to make the system become the meta to permanently fix the nerfing/buffing dynamic forever and make it obsolete.

If they gave me 4 months in charge I assure you everything would run much smoother under me, but we’d need at least two months to prepare everything prior to the four month trial run.

Can you say that in simpler terms? I’m just looking for a small sentence that tells your reason for double counter attacks.

Yeah I agree that consecutive counters should do less damage but can hit multiple times (like 50% attack power twice, with the first hit being guaranteed).

I still think all the hits should do the same as of damage though.

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Why don’t you just ask for counter attack damage to be doubled?

The best argument I can think of is it can make for some very close matchups, where a dino can win if the second hit succeeds, but loses if it fails. It would be another way to do this besides crits and stuns.

That’s not the point. It’s multiple counter attacks of various power

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Oh ok that makes more sense. I guess it would be cool to have another rng component in battles.

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