Consecutive Counter Attacks!

But see the super cool thing is hitting more and more power with less and less narrow margins being the control so it’s not overpowered. Meaning it will not be never seen, but will be seen. The narrow range is the key thing to pay attention to in my original post.

Also @Pradyun_Gaddam I just can’t condense everything. Sometimes you have to explain things to people or they just don’t get it. I think the original post speaks for itself. Think about it. If I told you hey it’s cooler and better you can just blow that off so I have to explain it.

I don’t care for rng myself, but sometimes it works

Because it takes away the juggle fun.

But like 95% of your posts in any topic are at least 2 paragraphs and no one will read them.

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Yes, however somethings do need a bit of condensing from time to time.

When you offer a new idea you should explain in detail otherwise who will care? Then people will complain they don’t understand or they need more information and such or what makes this so special?

Again… juggle fun. How can you hate juggle fun?

Here’s a much shorter but still understandable way to describe this idea:

Hey all! Good morning (or afternoon(or evening, I don’t know)! I have this idea about counter attacks. So basically it splits the counter into two moves. The first move would have a set amount of damage, for example, 1000. The second time could be random damage in the range of 500-1000(for example). Like if you just need to do one more hit to kill your opponent, this counter would help. What do you think?


If they need more info, then there’s a secret trick that you can do that works 100% of the time: give them more info


Here is a question. How would it activate? Would it activate after another counter attack, because that’s currently the only thing I can see.

I have an idea, like it would show the damage above the creature, then have the second attack damage appear next to it, they would merge into the bigger number, and then the attack would happen.

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What do you mean? It would occur consecutively based upon the range hit. There would be a first hit then the second hit. Based on that number and where it falls in the range you either juggle or do not juggle to a new consecutive counter attack. I explained earlier that you have a narrow range within the range and it gets smaller and smaller after each new juggle.

@Pradyun_Gaddam That really is not good enough. In the past I’ve hated not having everything in the initial post and editing initial posts have caused me to lose all data in the past.

People could just make due with having all necessary data.

Think if I just said “Because juggle fun” (just realizing how wrong that sounds) it could be confusing.

I have accurately explained the narrow range within a set range. I’m surprised no one’s talking about that part. That’s the fun part!

Think about juggling in terms of Mortal Kombat. You juggle by consecutively hitting and the opponent stays airborne only this works differently. It’s based on narrow range that depends on if you GET a consecutive attack after the first consecutive attack after the initial primary counter attack.

But… narrow range…

Counter-attackers are my favorite. This consecutive counter-attack idea seems interesting. I’d have to see it in action as you propose it, though. That was very confusing to read lol.

Basically after the regular counter-attack, you have a second one that deals random damage, and if the number you’re dealt is within a set range, you get a third one that also deals random damage. If the number you’re dealt the third time is within an even narrower range you get a fourth one and so on.

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I wouldn’t mind consecutive attacks, but I’d rather have every attack do the same damage. The reason is that predictability is extremely important in this game. While you can predict what will happen if you hit 1, 2 or 3 hits of the same damage, you cannot reasonably predict the outcome of not only how many hits you’ll do, but also how much damage each hit will do. You just can’t strategize around that. So I think the random chance if hitting multiple times is random enough, you don’t need to have each attack do random damage on top of that.

This seems to not only potentially make matches even longer, but also become another RNG based frustration. No thanks.

You aren’t considering how slim the chances are. Consider the narrow range. What about that? Sometimes I really wonder if people are just skimming or actually reading what the key details are. Narrow range is a very fun and cool NEW concept.

It’s fresh. It’s innovative. It’s juggle fun.

This is my fantasy. Let me swim in it.

Why must you take away the fun of what the narrow range represents? The narrow range rewards you, but the control is the small wide range. See? Sure there is critical damage, but hey…

Yes make carnotaurus broken, lovely… Imagine being a resilient or fierce and hitting a carnotaurus, who attacks back 3 times and kills you…

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It’s called adding value to something lesser at this point in time. It’s not the only creature getting this feature.